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Is Irritation the Appetizer?

BY: Mala Parikh Shroff | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-01-12

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   Mala Parikh Shroff
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We all experience some kind of irritation throughout the day, some of us will linger on it for a few moments and can move on, some feeds on this emotion and can ruin a perfect day. Why do we feel irritated….I think mostly it is due to lack of patience, for example we are driving and are late for work, and hit a red light.. What will be the normal reaction?.. irritation… and now that we have let our self feel this conflict, we are going to be consumed by it because not only we are late for work but now the time to wait for the light to turn green will challenge us in one way or the other - we feel this feeling all through the day. The phone line is busy and we need to talk urgently with that person, we have left a message with someone and that person has not returned our phone call within the time frame we expected, there is a huge line at the grocery store, or the person in front of us have one million things to purchase, we are eating dinner and are interrupted by the phone, we are having this conversation and our friends don't agree with our views.. all these are illustrations of one or the other form of irritation. Can we manage this sentiment? We will have to because if we don't, then we are letting this frustration-annoy us to a level for it to turn into anger which is even harder to cope. In order for us to be receptive of postiveness within us we need to control this negative sensitivity within us.

Taking control over this emotion - could be the price we pay for our inner development to create a peaceful environment within ourselves. We have to practice patience and positive attitude to attain to the higher lever. We can hardly be approachable when we are busy into criticizing or jibing others or are obsessed by irritation or anger. Our inborn nature and behavioral qualities takes control over our thoughts and feelings which in turn will affect our life. Having a balanced nature/personality and an optimistic attitude helps us make better and successful decisions with the day to day challenges. So let us not feed into this negative commotion called ‘irritation' to ruin a perfect Appetite.

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