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Is IT a desirable career? Frustration among Software Engineers

BY: Swati | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2009-06-17

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IT has been the most desirable career among India's engineering students for almost about a decade now. During this time IT professionals have seen some very good times and enjoyed becoming wealthy in a short period of time. This rosy picture has also invited herd behaviour, these days every other person passing out from a relatively descent school wants to become an Engineer so that he/she can eventually become a Software Engineer. This has obviously created a huge pool of students passing out of colleges but are not able to find a descent job because the demand of software engineers has clearly fallen behind the supply. This obviously has led to frustration among many software engineers as they are not able to find appropriate jobs or expected salaries.

The main reasons people flock towards IT are:
1. Good starting salaries.
2. IT education is low cost and easily available compared to other career choices.
3. Peer effect / herd behaviour.
4. Over exaggeration about 'how cool the life is for software engineers'.
5. India has seen tremendous growth in IT, thanks to outsourcing.
6. << Please leave your thoughts / comments.. >>

But in both the recessions in last decade, we have seen that a severe panic has gripped in IT industry due to job insecurity. Freshers who are given offer letters are often given a delayed joining date, in worst cases their job offers are withdrawn or given a temporary job in BPO industry.

Bottomline, IT is a very stressful career than it seems from outside. Peer competition and stiff deadlines means long working hours. IT managers can often be under educated and play politics. Many software engineers complain that buttering/shoe licking is common. Frustration among software engineers is also fueled when top management gets big raises even during recession while the junior IT staff is facing layoffs.

A very high percentage of people in IT industry think it to be a wrong career choice after 10-12 yrs in this field. They cannot simply change to a different desirable career because they may not be as well paying as IT. Additionally, by midlife most professionals have taken house loans, have kids in schools and they find it very difficult to move around. So, do not become a software mechanic, specially under the pressure of your parents. Listen to your heart first before making a career choice.

There are severe risks to IT industry, like if Rupee becomes very strong, the entire outsourcing industry faces risk of getting wiped out. With the cost of doing business in India rising constantly, other locations like Mexico, Thailand and China are looking more and more desirable.

Most of the multinational companies with head offices overseas are still much better place to work than typical desi outsourcing shops.

There is no doubt that software in India is going to flourish in future as well, although the pace may slow down.

Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

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