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Ireland Travel Checklist: Things to know and carry before visiting Ireland.

BY: Car Hire | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-07-10

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   Car Hire
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Before you travel to Ireland, you have to make sure that you have everything you need. This is to ensure that you will be able to fully satisfy your travel. Leaving some things behind or forgetting to do something really important for your travel can ruin your whole trip.

Here is a checklist of the things that you need to do before you travel to Ireland:

• Buy a guidebook for Ireland. If you don't want to buy, you can just search the internet for information about Ireland. This is important because you need to have at least an idea of what to expect when you go to Ireland.

• Book your accommodation. Unless you are staying in a family or friend's house, you have to book your accommodation well in advance. Ireland can get pretty busy especially during holiday season. To ensure that you have somewhere to stay in Ireland, you should have already booked a hotel.

• Book a rental car. If you are planning to get around Ireland, you will have to hire a rental car. There are several car hire companies in Ireland and you can book a car online. Make sure that you have already booked a rental car before you go to Ireland.

• Bring as much comfortable clothes and shoes as possible. If you plan to visit so many places, bring comfortable shoes.

• Once you have already arranged the flights, accommodation and rental car, it's time to check what you are bringing with you. Don't forget your passport. If you require a visa to get to Ireland, you should have one already. Even if you are able to fly to Ireland, you will not be able to pass border security if you don't have the necessary visa.

• Does your personal insurance cover travelling overseas? Make sure that you are covered so whatever happens, the insurance company will back you up.

• Don't forget to bring enough money. Your money may be lesser in amount when converted to Euro so make sure you have enough. Getting around Ireland will definitely cost you money. It is better to be financially prepared rather than worrying about money during your trip.

Planning and preparing ahead is important in travelling. Don't give worry a place in your trip. If you have organized everything, you will have nothing to worry about. All that you have to do is enjoy your trip to Ireland.

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