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Internet Marketing The Spanish Way

BY: Brendan Wilson | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2010-01-12

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   Brendan Wilson
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Move the clock forward a few short years and the marketplace is entirely different. Competition and big business have moved in and big time. To succeed you need professional graphics, copy and a very healthy budget advertising budget to work with. Like most marketers I longed for the return of the good old days. That is until I shitted to live in Panama and took a glance at the Spanish speaking market. Yes that's correct, here is a very undeveloped internet market that is growing rapidly and you can still get loads of traffic in a myriad of market niches for pennies. It is just like 2001 all over again!

Competition has arrived with a vengeance to the internet marketing world, and being able to virtually own a market segment requires a lot of calculated keyword research, well thought out copy, professional graphics and a decent sized budget. At times like this you really do have a hankering for the 1 cent per click days of old. But don't let your hopes be dashed, you can return to the good old days if you are prepared to take on the Spanish speaking market. Think PPC traffic for a few cents per click, mostly virgin niche markets and a exponentially growing market place of internet users. It is like 2000 once again!

Those older folk that have been doing business on the web for years probably remember the easier days of internet marketing when you could get paid traffic for a cent a click and dominating a particular market segment was as simple as building a website with a few simple keywords and then waiting for the search engine traffic to arrive. Sadly those days are no longer with us and selling on the web has become more of a competition.

Getting Started with Adwords for Spanish keywords is also a fairly simple job. The existing English interface you are used to using can also be used to lookup and select your keywords in Spanish. These days you also find that the most popular payment processors such as Clickbank, Paypal and 2Checkout also cater well for many different languages including Spanish as well as processing in the end users local currency, something else that helps new users to feel more comfortable about buying over the web. If you are new to marketing your own digital products to non-English markets you can also have them translated easily and cheaply. You can get access to a large new market with little input on your behalf.

The first response is usually, "But I don't even speak Spanish!" . Yes, sure it might seem like large hurdle to jump over at first but don't worry. Others have taken on this market and been successful at this market without speaking a word of Spanish. There are a lot methods to outsource copy writing in Spanish as well as getting products to sell to the Spanish speaking market. ClickBank for example have around 50 different products to sell in Spanish ranging from the Internet Marketing niche to Weight loss and marraige issues.

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About Author / Additional Info: Brendan has been involved in developing products in Spanish for the last 4 years. If you are interested in developing information products in Spanish feel free to contact Brendan and visit Contenido Gratis En Espanol. Or visit his Article Directory in English, Planet Article Directory

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