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Internet Marketing: How to increase traffic for your blog or website

BY: Jessica | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-11-02

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The top 2 things in the mind of any blogger or webmaster are:

1. Get more traffic.
2. Increase Google PageRank (or reputation).

Getting a good number of visitors is the aim of any website owner, which essentially decides the fate of a website in a long term. People often get nuts thinking why they are not getting the web traffic, readers, shoppers or subscribers they deserve. I own a personal blog and I also like to write articles for this website. Following are some of the best ways to increase traffic and Pagerank of your website.

1. Provide interesting content or useful services:
If your product or content is not interesting, there is no way you are going to get a good website traffic. I have seen several websites which seem stupid, but they do well just because they are interesting for a large number of web surfers. Example: "Line Rider", "MillionDollarHomepage", "Viral Videos" and the list can go on.

2. Be unique:
If the kind of service you offer is already present on the web, and there are tens or hundreds of websites already out there, you fear the chance of getting lost in the crowd. There will be some front runners but a majority of publishers will lose the race.

3. Get Backlinks:
I love forums because they can generate a lot of traffic. It is best to find forums which are reputable and get lot of traffic. Almost all forums allow signature section where you can advertise your site. After that participate in discussions of these forums and give helpful answers to others, each reply will have your web address in the signature area and curious people will come to your website. If you ry to Spam these forums with useless answers then not only you risk suspension of your account but hardly any forum reader will click on your URL because you already provided a stupid comment. If a user finds your post useful and interesting, then people will follow you all the way to your own website to read more. Writing online articles is another way of building reputation. You can also issue in free Press Releases using free PR services of several sites. Get yourself added in directories and social bookmarking some of your articles. I never recommend you to participate in link exchange offers.

4. Be responsive:
Always provide a comments area on your website so that users can add more information on that topic or ask questions. By answering your readers promptly by adding your own comments makes a loyal reader base.

5. There is no shortcut:
Getting good and reliable traffic takes time, so please be patient. Follow search engine optimization techniques because a lot of traffic that you will get eventually will be from the search engines.

6. Add new content:
Keep adding fresh content to your website. No cow likes to eat old-dry grass, they keep looking for fresh pastures. Similarly, provide new information or add latest products to your website or blog.

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