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Interesting myths about playing Lottery? Chances of winning a lottery.

BY: Tim | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-27

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Do you know that about one-third of people in the United States think that winning the lottery is the only way for them to become financially secure in life. The chances of winning a big lottery are extremely awful. Although the odds of winning very smaller amounts are still reasonable ($1, $2, $5), anything above that is quite difficult. Still we all tend to convince our self that "I am feeling Lucky Today" and still buy the tickets. The only good about burning money in lottery is that a part of government run lotteries goes towards education and other good deeds.

I know that willing a big lottery can change your life forever, but people running lottery are sitting there only for profits and not with an intention of donating money to the winner. Amount collected is always much more than the winning amount. There is no easy way or intelligent way to win a lottery. The chances of someone hitting a jackpot is purely a mere coincidence. Since millions of people play lottery every since day, so you hear about a winner every few days. There are people who spend a part of their money on lottery and land up winning no significant prize money ever, on there other hand there are people who bought the ticket first time in their life and they won. Lottery organizers make sure that they gain maximum publicity when someone wins because it helps in their marketing efforts so more and more people play next time.

Interesting myths about playing lottery:

I am feeling lucky, I should buy the ticket.
You sure must be feeling lucky, but that will not influence wining numbers in your favor. Play for fun and play responsibly.

If I play more often my chances of winning improve.
Sorry buddy, money you have lost in past in lottery has nothing to do with your future chances of winning. Each ticket is a separate entry and had nothing to do with past winnings or past losses you have had.

Always select well spaced out numbers.
Each ticket has same probability of winning regardless, regardless you select 5,12,27,33,45 or 1,2,3,4,5. The winning numbers are totally random.

I just play for fun all the time.
If you play lottery very frequently, you are probably addicted to it unknowingly. Dreams do come true but only for a fraction of people who actually win.

(not a myth) Participating in a group increases my chances of winning:
Yes, since you buy more tickets and each ticket has same chance of winning, you have in a way increased the chances of winning even if the winnings will be divided among the group. Even though you play in a group, the chance you will hit the jackpot are still very very low.

Numbers that have come up less in the past are more likely to come up in the future.
It's a false statement. A past combination of number has an equal chance over a combination of numbers that has never been a winner. Its a pure myth.

If a shop had winners in the past, they are lucky:
A shop which sells more tickets than others will obviously have better chances only because of the volume of tickets they sell. It does not give special advantage to any ticket purchased from that shop. No shop is lucky or unlucky in a lotto.

(not a myth) People who select numbers by them self instead of random pick are more likely to select numbers between 1 and 31.
Yes, because people tend to pick numbers which coincide with their birthday, anniversary or other special dates. This still does not increase their chance of winning.

Lotteries take advantage of the poorer economic strata of our society.
Middle income Americans were the most likely group to play the lottery.

The lottery is a Tax
People are forced to pay taxes; no one is forced to play the lottery.

Lucky People Have Better Odds.
Sorry, all lucky and unlucky people have same odds.

All Lotteries Are Equal.
Not really, I have mentioned the chances of winning a lottery below. Almost all lotteries have separate rules and therefore chances of winning vary accordingly.

Winning more than once is impossible.
There have been cases of people who have won lottery in past more than once.

Lotto winners end up broke and depressed.
A myth, most lottery winners are happy in life but some mess up their life because of their pure personal issues or mismanagement.

Chances of winning a Mega Million Lottery: (jackpot)

5 numbers picked at random from a pool of 56 numbers (numbered from 1 to 59) and 1 Mega number from another poll of 46 numbers. Chances that you will win it are One in 175,711,536 (YES that's 1 in more than 175 million).

Chances of winning a Powerball Lottery:

5 numbers picked at random from a pool of 59 numbers (numbered from 1 to 59) and 1 Powerball number from another poll of 46 numbers. Chances that you will win it are One in 195,249,054 ( 1 in 195 million)

Chances of winning a Super Lotto Plus Lottery:

5 numbers picked at random from a pool of 47 numbers (numbered from 1 to 47) and 1 Mega number from another poll of 27 numbers. Chances that you will win it are One in 41,416,353 ( 1 in 41 million)

Go to: www.webmath.com/lottery.html and find the odds of winning the lottery for yourself.

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