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Interesting games to play with children

BY: Deena David | Category: Family | Post Date: 2010-01-29

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   Deena David
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Games are necessary for development. If you play with your child from a young age, he will grow socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. This is his way of learning about his body and the world too. The child will use all 5 senses to achieve this goal of development.

Exploration is the heart of the game and in your child's mind many experiments occur. The child also becomes very inquisitive and even child development experts say that the games make a child grow and adapt to situations.

As your child grows, the games will become more imaginative and complex. The game will exercise their skills and qualities such as independence, creativity, curiosity and ability to solve problems. These games can also be an important way to explore feelings and values. It can also help to develop their social skills. The first words they talk could even be during play where they might say "please" or "thank you" spontaneously at an imaginary party or any other game they are playing.

What kind of game is better for your child?

The type of game that you want your child to play depends on the stage of development of the child. Since the game is a tool your child uses to learn about the world, practicing skills and the results of play, which is the development, are the best evidence that you were right to choose the activities.

For example, if your baby is 12 months and you want the child to learn about cause-effect phenomenon, play hide and seek with him, under the table and chairs.

At 20 months, if the child is obsessed with climbing stairs, find a place where you can you're your child practice this under supervision.

Here are some tips about the types of game that your child would be interested in various stages:

Social games
it is important for your child to interact with other children of the same age. The child needs to smile, to look and laugh with other children.

Playing with objects
Pushing and experimenting with different things are fascinating for a child 4 to 10 months. Push and pull toys can be used for this.

Functional and representational game (12-21 months)
During this time his imagination begins to bloom and the child has great fun pushing a car on the carpet, for example and imagines it to be a real car.

Symbolic play

This type of game, often played at the age of 2 years, is trying to make something out of nothing. Your child can play with a shoebox imagining it to be like a bus.

Role Play

About 30 to 36 months, your little child will begin to assume new roles. You can play with him: doctor and teacher games or other similar games and this too kindles the imagination of the child.

Play with your child and develop language:
Talk to him while you play and this will also help to develop their language skills.

Practical tips:

Start the game when your child is happy and relaxed;
Stop when your child is bored;
Give her the chance to play alone or with others (both types of game are beneficial);
Let him choose his activities that he wants to play (you can come up with suggestions, but your child should be the one deciding)

Games are always loved by kids and it is a great way for them to express their feelings.

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