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Interesting Methods of building a list at a fast pace

BY: SEdwin | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2010-02-14

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List building is a very important activity for all the internet marketers. There are various aspects of list building that every person should know. One thing that all internet marketers know is the pace at which they build the list is very important. If the pace is slow, then the person may be able to build only a small list. If the pace is fast, then the person can build a substantial number of e mail leads that can be used as a marketing tool.

There are some methods that help to build a list at a fast pace. They are:

1. Freebies:

This is one of the best methods of building a list at a fast pace. Every person would like a freebie. If the quality of the freebie is good, then more people will want it. This strategy is used by internet marketers. They give out various freebies to their clients in exchange for a e mail address. There are various kinds of freebies that can be given out by the individual. Some of the freebies include things like audio and video that are relevant to the site. It can also be those that are irrelevant to the site, but are interesting to the client. The freebies can also include relevant information that is in the forma of e books, e mail content and also other files.

2. Social networking:

The social networking method has been used to build a list to good effect by many people. There are many people who are sometimes on the internet in one or more of the social networking sites. This seems to be the best thing to do for the next generation. Using this method to build a list is very simple and at the same time, it can be fast. Use your marketing skills to attract people to give in their e mails to you and your list will grow at a frenetic pace.

3. Buy a list:

Though many people buy a list to start off their list building process, it is not a great method of getting targeted traffic and it may not help to grow your business, but it is obviously a good method of building a good list. Buying a list will get you a set of e mail leads, some of which may be active, but there may be others that are not active.

4. Make your products visible:

The usual need for a e mail list is to make a product marketable. This can be done by making your product as visible as possible and at the same time, you can have an opt in page on your site. This will make sure that you are able to get a lot of leads and also e mails for building your list.

List building is only the first step in a business model. Once the list is built, the internet marketer has to use the list to maximum benefit by making sure that the people in the list are contacted with the right words. Follow up on each and every mail that is sent is also important.

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