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Intelligent Love

BY: SHELLY | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-07-27

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Interesting right! You must have heard of marriage of conveniences happening all around, but the divorce rates are also getting higher. In a lighter vein its good finally people are moving out of stale and love-less relationships.

So whats that which makes them wander from such steady relationships? Its search of love. Wonder how powerful this four letter word can be. Hence every body longes only for love.

So whats love? Even Google does not provides a satisfactory definition of love. An affection, a beautiful feeling, or just a web that a boy or a girl weave to trap for futuristic physical and material gains respectively. Well, its totally up to you how do you take it (or else your past experience). But how can love be intelligent as it is supposed to be blind right ( heard so since long time ).

Well, let me explain this to you. People say one should fall in love atleast once in your lifetime. But what about those who have lost that age? Well let me tell this is for those who have passed the age of falling in love. Wonder is there an age bar to fall in love? I would say yes, it is if you are above 24 and belong to middle class family and most of your valuable time goes in juggling with your jobs and daily routine. You don't even remember your hobbies And you don't have guts to go against your family and all. If you have any of sign and symptoms from the above mentioned ..Then go for Intelligent love.

What is Intelligent love: Go and subscribe to a number of social networking sites. You name them and there are number of them available for you and join your own respective community groups. So that you can set up to meet guy/girl from your own community, but the person should be very well settled, you know ( Bank balance and owning a house is a must) and if you are lucky, definitely you will be lucky as lady luck isn't that cruel and then everything falls in place. You never know your dream of falling in love will come true one day. So they say ------ ''All is fair in love and war '' ....... or should I say ''All is fair to get your share of love ''.

Intelligent love is a greater term actually and the way suggested here is just a small part of it. You follow this and get back to me if successful. Till that time let me what you think about '' Intelligent love ''

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About the article above .That is just my expression, take it seriously if you can and follow my advice if possible. If you get lucky with my tip please do revert to me through saching.

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You started of well ..
Some very good pointers, but I wish you had elaborated it longer. Just when I started to enjoy the article it came to an end. Overall, nice !!
Helen 2009-07-27

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