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Indicators that measure the quality of education in an institution

BY: JoJustin | Category: Education | Post Date: 2010-02-23

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There are many educational institutions that are offering a variety of courses for different groups of people in different age groups. The reason for this is that there is a need for the education of people. The fact that people from all over the world are trying to educate themselves is a good sign, but at the same time, when there is a rush of people to want to study, the quality of the educational systems and especially the individual institutions may slip and it can cause the decrease in the quality of the education that is provided.

There are various indicators that help to measure the quality of the education that is being provided in each of the educational institutions. These indicators are listed here.

1. Number of students those pass the national examination:

There are certain national exams that are uniform and are conducted for all the people doing the same course. This is an important indicator of the quality of the education that is provided. The reason for this is that when there is a uniform examination system and a grading system for the students, it is easy to identify the best performing institution. This will also enable in comparing the various institutions against each other.

2. Number of people who get jobs in the recognized facilities after graduation:

The number of people who obtain regular well paid jobs can also be used as an indicator of the reputation and also the quality of the educational institution. There are various organizations that provide job offers to the best institutions only. This can be used in the process of grading the educational institution.

3. The level of satisfaction of employers, supervisors, clients:

The level of satisfaction of the job done by the fresh graduate is another important factor that plays a role in identifying the best institution. The reason is that as the education that a person gets is very high and of good quality, the job done by the person is also usually on par with the quality. This is usually assessed by the people who are around the person who is working. These may include the employer and the satisfaction of the employer is very important. Similarly, the satisfaction of the various supervisors and also the clients who have come into contact with the individual and have noted the knowledge and also the skills of the person are another method of assessing the bets educational institutions.

4. The percentage of students who further their education at the graduate level:

The percentage of the students from educational institutions who further their education in the other educational institutions that are higher centers of learning is another important factor that is used in identifying the best educational institution. There are many students who have not been to a good educational institution and so they are unable to further their skills and also education.

These are the various factors that play a role in the assessment of the level, quality and the reputation of the educational institution.

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