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Indian film industry trends - Bollywood and Movies in India

BY: chi | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2008-08-21

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Did anyone out there watch Bollywood productions such as YOU, ME AUR HUM , and the recently released BACHNa ye HASINO and others which are clearly on the line of Hollywood films? Not to forget the Korean movie influence in UGLY aur PAGLI.

We continuously read newspaper reviews of those films which popularised the western(or Korean) influence in it. For me, it is not a very exiting progress on the part of Bollywood. We are not saying that those films are not interesting, because they are. The twist and added spices in YOU, Me AUR HUM is awesome.But still what is second hand is a second hand. Credits cannot be altogether handed to Bollywood because the underlying groundwork belonged to someone.

Humorously, it will be typical in somebody's point of view that it is the influence of GLOBALISATION. This is ridiculous and the argument fits for a circus joker's line. Globalisation is much more than copying,its about progess.For example , a child copying what was said by his teacher is progressing but claiming that he had the same nightdream with his classmate is a copycat, eventhough he might twist it slightly different.

Indians in the right push can bring out excellent original ideas , for instance, RANG DE BASANTI. I often wonder why one can sell their pride for just a film. THEY might think it otherwise but its is important to think deeply who will gain the main popularity here. for instance, the newspaper review which said,'YOU, ME AUR HUM is a hindi version of THE NOTEBOOK.........', instantly give the readers a yearn to know what exactly is THE NOTEBOOK all about' indirect popularisation of HOLLYWOOD movies.

I think CARTOON NETWORK(Indian version) has a much wiser director than all those Bollywood directors out there because the former,without selling their pride, did what the later did .That is, they just obtain translation rights, the change in language does not alter the popularity, but they were atleast never a laughing stock!

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About Author / Additional Info: Book worm, lazy bones, lonesome but cool about it! Interested in writing, especially poems....... like children, fairy tales and much more.......Enjoy life and the company of friends but never complain of being alone as long as there are books available within reach..........Lover of nature and the peaceful mind it can give to human beings, seeing and experiencing is exciting and pleasurable rather then a simple,'seeing is believing'!

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