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Indian Television Journalism - NDTV, IBN, Times Now, HT, NewsX

BY: Abhi | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-11-28

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NDTV, CNN IBN, Times Now, Headlines Today and NewsX are the known English news channels of India. Without engaging in argument as to which one is the best and delving into criticism, let's go about realizing the potentials of the organizations.

Arnab Goswami was met with strong cynicism when he decided to get on with his life instead of sticking to NDTV. This came after a decade long loyalty to the latter. Rajdeep Sardesai also took the media world by storm when he chose to start his own channel and move out of NDTV. NDTV is a class in its own and the best Indian journalists, starting from Barkha Dutt to Prannoy Roy and even Rajdeep, actually are or were part of this news organization. Truly, the benchmark was created by New Delhi Television (NDTV). On the other hand, both Rajeev and Arnab knew they were indeed taking big risks, but as they say ‘Fortune favors the brave'.

Now household names, Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai, the editor-in-chiefs of Times Now and CNN IBN respectively are on the acme of their careers. IBN, which has a tie-up with globally acclaimed CNN, does a fabulous job, and in most cases breaks news earlier than any other channel. An excellent group of journalists is boasted by IBN, whereas Times Now possesses a group of dynamic young newsmen full of glamour and matter. The pros of this channel are surely, Arnab, his superb ways of debating, his show ‘Newshour' and ‘Frankly Speaking'. The USP of IBN is the expertise of the members of the organizations. NDTV requires no bragging. The amount of grey hair that belongs to NDTV makes it a remarkable mix of experience (Barkha, Dr. Prannoy) and tyro. Headlines Today is lined up with great speakers and journalists like Rahul Kanwal and Zakka Jacob.

The entertainment shows here are a big hit and could be possibly considered as the chief attraction. NewsX, already considered the Genext channel with all the int'l ways, that includes scanty decoration, classic coloration, use of ultramodern technology and document .ries is sure to change the media sector in India. As of now, the broadcast journalism scenario in India is anything but bleak.

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When I was growing up, Doordarshan (or DD) was the only channel available. The News was super boring and yet we saw it as there was no other option. Half the time PM use to be covered. I have not seen DD for the last 5 years or so.
Divya 2009-11-29

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