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India's most powerful politician: Sonia Gandhi

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2010-01-06

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Sonia Gandhi was never destined to be India's top politician, but she has taken the mantle to become one of the most powerful people in India and in fact the whole world. She had humble beginnings in the country of Italy where she was born and brought up. She was a very quiet person who was also quite shy. She met Rajiv Gandhi when they were at college and there started a relationship that has catapulted her into one of the most difficult places in the world. Rajiv and Sonia were married and they lived a very private life with Rajiv working as a pilot.

The Indian National Congress was started more than 125 years back and has been instrumental in getting freedom for India from the British people. There were many strong presidents of the party and Jawaharlal Nehru was one among them. After the death of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi took over the party and also became the Prime Minister. She was at the helm, till her death, except for brief periods.

Indira Gandhi's death had left a political vacuum as her son Sanjay who was into politics had died in an air crash earlier. This brought Rajiv Gandhi into the focus and he took over the party and the post of Prime minister of India. He too gave up his life for the sake of the country and Sonia Gandhi resisted the attempts to make her enter into politics. She remained on the sidelines till a few years later when all the senior Congressmen made her to become the President of the Congress party.

When she became the President of the Congress party, she became one of the most powerful people on Earth because she was the head of the largest party in the largest democracy in the world. She led her party to victory in the elections and was soon to be the Prime Minister of India when the other political parties of India raised a big issue out of her origin and she gracefully made a decision to make Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister.

Though Sonia Gandhi did not become the Prime Minister of India, she is a part of all the major decisions that are made by the Congress party and the Government. This has made her into a very powerful person. She has made a supreme sacrifice by giving up the post of Prime Minister of India to her colleagues, but her power has not diminished and she wields as much power as many of the heads of states of various countries.

In fact the power of Sonia Gandhi has increased with her young son Rahul waiting on the sidelines to take the mantle from her. Sonia and Rahul have script ed another resounding victory for the Congress party in the elections held in 2009 making their statement more powerful. Sonia Gandhi may have had humble beginning in her life, but she has been catapulted into a position where she is now one of the most powerful human beings on Earth.

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