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India is poor, corrupt, ill-led and ill-organized..

BY: Abhi | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-12-11

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What makes a developing nation? Clearly, a nation which is advancing with time consistently and avoiding or confronting difficulties tactfully.
Does India match upto the criteria?



India's top leaders are capable enough but the chink in it's armor is the group of corrupt people who form the government. Every now and then some member is charged of a multimillion scandal, someone is charged with bribery, someone is accused of bias, someone is allegedly skipping duties, someone is indicted of electoral malpractice, someone is blamed of misusing authority and so and so forth. The blame-game continues though. The buck keeps on passing, the government charges the opposition with allegations and vice versa.

India ranks 84th in the world corruption table. Statistically speaking, one fourth of India's politicians are charged with murder, rape, scandals, bribery, trafficking, etc…. If we start compiling the list of how many tasted the jail food, we might end up dead beat.

Bulk of India's population is poor, simply deprived and malnourished. A major chunk lives below the poverty line. The government is tightlipped on this issue, failing to tackle the fact that lacs die due to scarcity of food, several more die because they are underfed, many die in infant stages, and many die of diseases that the government is unable to battle. A significant contribution to the number of AIDS patients around the world is from India. India, as recently researched by a team, was found to be one of the nations that are least capable of avoiding deaths due to diseases, malaria tops them all.

India is plagued with delusions that are religionist, linguistic, ethnic, and superstitious. Babri Masjid demolition, Anti-sikh riots, Godhra train violence, Hindu Muslim riots, etc are proof of the religious atrocities that reign India. Separatist movements are not exclusive to India, but the irrationality that drives these interest groups are India's exclusivities.

Protests, bandhs, hartals, road blockades, violence, riots, murders, are part of the daily routine in some parts of India. Government tries its best, no doubt on that; but inefficient people trying their best doesn't matter, what's worse is that political parties endorse such behavior. In India, colleges and universities are tainted with politics, where else in the world would you find, students fighting and thrashing each other over political power? Isn't that reason enough for the poor quality of study in higher education?

The menaces that India deals are too many, and a century later, things can be better, not before that, I assure you. Pollution, population, superstitions, economic instability etc have acted as shots in the arm.

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So true
In India, politicians can do anything to get votes even if it is good for the country or not. People often deceive one another for personal benefits. We have become so selfish and non-caring towards each other .. WHY ??
Renu 2009-12-11

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