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Increasing Website Security - How to go about it?

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-01-28

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   David Prakash Kumar
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If a website is vulnerable, a malicious user can insert malicious commands by using just the registration forms. In other situations, the malicious user can interact with the site and they will redirect visitors to other pages following infiltrations controlled by attackers.

Some attacks occur through web applications where the users can query databases associated with them, either through contact form or via the search box and other such functions. Usually they use the web developers' superficiality or lack of attention in protecting the bond between interface and web application databases.

Addressing this situation and to restore security information, the web application auditing solutions is used. The audit process scans the entire system, identifying all existing vulnerabilities and highlights weaknesses in website security. The final report generated by an audit team of specialists in web applications is a document .containing all information and statistics related to the state of the system and presents the best solutions for addressing security breaches.

Secure Socket Layer

Regardless of the platform and type of website you have, you need to know very well the level of security you require. If you have an online store, the customers who buy merchandise on the Internet expect and deserve to have a comfort to know that their transactions are "secure" and the information sent to you is safe. If you will host a site on its own server software, it is imperative to use a server that will ensure a high level of security in processing information. using SSL (Secure Socket Layer - a protocol for online information processing that uses algorithms impossible " broken "by viruses and hackers). If you use another company that will be hosting and processing cards, you must know very well (and to inform them on the site, consumers) what security measures taken hold the customer information safe and firm.

To avoid contamination, a solution can be used for security applications and Internet browsers protected by such script s. This approach does not eliminate all risk but in this type of applications it can at least filter out some sites that have been compromised. Also, the use of such applications is completely ineffective in some threats. It is really important to know that you can avoid the standard of safety systems and can compromise the affected website, according to information published on the website of the integrator.

Infiltration of site codes:

Another way in which the enemy might profit from a vulnerable site is if it is injected into the site code that violates the general rules for use of searching engines. For example, an attacker could inject in a site a large number of keywords, with or without relevance to the business of the site, with the final goal of the elimination of the site from the search engines. This technique is practiced when you wish to eliminate competition from a field of activity. The attacker can inject thousands or hundreds of thousands of words in a site so that they are visible to search engines, but invisible in the browser.

A site that is affected by the technique presented above, would be detected by search engines as Keyword Stuffing type practice techniques, could be flagged as a SPAM site, and possibly it could be either partially or completely removed from the index.

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