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In Pursuit Of Love

BY: Deepali | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-12-09

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Almost everyone of us has at least once fallen in love. But the things we do and the way we act are they justified or are we just trying to fool ourselves so that we can remain in love and be loved? We try to overlook various things once we are in love as according to us they cease to matter, then why do they matter afterwards?

We all know that relationships are necessary part of our lives. Man being a social animal has to live in relationships. Many a times we take various relationships taken for granted. For ex: Take your parents. Can we even count how many times have we hurt them with our doings? Can't answer that right? So why things become different when we fall in Love. why then we try to let go off things which otherwise would have made us mad?

I agree that life becomes very rosy and dreamy once we fall in love. But, is that all what's life about? Is it about running away from reality and being in a place where you know that someone is at an arms length who would pamper you and appreciate you even if you have made the worst coffee ever? Is this the reason why everyone of us want to fall in love? So, that we can get a handy Guy/Girl who would take care of us?

What does Relationship actually means to us? A vent with which we can show the other person that we care and love him/her. Is this the simple definition of Relationships. This new generation keeps on saying GF/BF, but what do they actually mean from these terms. Do they mean a person with whom they can exhibit their physical feelings or someone who would take them to shopping. Meaning of relationships differ for different people. For those whom Love is like a bee, they consider Relationships in to and fro manner i.e. 1 came and if it went away don't worry other will come.

But, the problems occur for those for whom Love is a rare species. It's those people who don't commit blunders in Relationships but yes they are on the verge of committing various mistakes. Such people who are low on being loved level give utmost importance to those who profess their love towards them. After knowing that a particular person loves him/her they are so keen and so conscious to bind that person to them that many a times without even knowing they cross the border. In Pursuit of being loved they don't only love that person more than themselves but then start a series in which they keep on forgiving the person for their gravest mistakes and keep on giving them the chance. By doing this they are not proving that how much Kind hearted and Forgiving they are but, they are reducing themselves only to mere puppets in others hands. These people have such a great desire of being loved that if they get love from any source they just keep it with them and never try to see that whether that love is making them strong or reducing them to self pitying people.

It's not bad to forgive and overlook things when you are in love. It happens with everyone. The air is such that Fights seems a Big No. Fine don't find, love the other person to your fullest, give him/her that much love and with that intensity with which you have never loved yourself or anyone else. But, we just have to remember one tiny thing. You had a life before this relation and you will have a life after this relation. Try every possible move with which you can sustain your relationship. But, any relationship which is sustained at your cost doesn't deserve any more efforts. Love others as much as you can and only then you will get the love back but, the most important thing is Learn to love yourself or people won't love you. Find out love it's there for you but not over you.

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