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Improve popularity of an article. Increase traffic for your article.

BY: Bharat | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-06-29

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How can I get more people to read my articles?
There are many rules to improve popularity and increase traffic for your article.

Rule 1. Deliver speech where the audience are:
Even if you are the world's best public speaker but have no (or little) audience to listen, then what's the point? The same holds true in the article writing / blog world. There are millions of websites and blogs on the internet, all competing fiercely for maximum web traffic and improving popularity of the content they publish. An article should always be written on a website which already receives good web traffic. Although there are ways to gradually increase traffic using SEO techniques it all takes significant time and effort.

Rule 2: Over crowded halls do not give you a good visibility:
There is no point in trying to find listeners in a hall where hundreds of speakers are already shouting to attract audience. Le me explain my point with an example: Some authors started writing articles with us said they experienced dissatisfaction in past with sites like ezinearticles, because they felt lack of individuality and personal attention. These extremely big sites get good traffic but also receive thousands of submissions every day. Once an article is published it is often buried deep somewhere on 2nd or 3rd page, that too of a sub-category. After a few days, it's hard to get to get to your article using regular navigation. Not many articles receive good organic web traffic.

When I asked the Admin team of this site why do they publish only limited content, their answer was: We at saching.com try to limit the number of submissions and delete all spam and marketing articles. Our model is different, we do not want people to write for backlinks to their sites, instead we target authors who just want to write articles and nothing else. We prefer informative articles instead of marketing content. This helps our regular authors to create their own identity in the system.

Rule 3: Old saying - Content is the king:
If your article is well written, interesting, unique, informative and well presented, it will likely do quite well. Always write articles in your own words and give credit to the sources used (if any). Clearly state what the article is about, use short paragraphs and bullet points to make it more readable. Always provide true facts, even if they are negative. Consider using numbers, percentages, facts and figures in the article if applicable.

Generally longer articles (more than 600 words) get higher traffic, but one should try to keep article length of at least 300 words. If possible, regularly update article but avoid changing the main title itself to avoid re-indexing of your article by search engines. On a different note, always keep a backup of all your articles; like simply email article to yourself.

Rule 4: Use Social Bookmarks and Yahoo Buzz to improve popularity of your article:
It is fairly legitimate to vote once for your own articles (you like them right?). Notice there is a section on right hand side "Your Vote Matters.." within all our articles. (Yahoo Buzz needs a yahoo account - If you do not already have a yahoo account, create a fee one just for this purpose). Click on "Vote now - Buzz up" link, a pop-up window will open, it will ask you to select a category and then you will submit vote to Yahoo. Yahoo Buzz is truly a great tool for improve popularity of your article. After you have voted, a minute later you will see "1 vote" indicator on your article.

There are also some social bookmark icons next to voting button like - Digg, Delicious, Stumble upon etc .. All these are free social bookmark services which help other people on the web that you have found an interesting article. These bookmarks are well known to increase traffic to the articles. It may take total 10 minutes to create free 3-4 accounts, but afterwards will take hardly 1 minute to bookmark your future articles.

I recommend you to do both of the above. Use social book-markings and yahoo buzz in a controlled manner. You do not want to be a spammer on these sites. You can also add references to your articles in your Facebook, Orkut or MySpace accounts. This will invite your own friends to your article and greatly improve popularity of it.

Rule 5: Write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles:
These are some very basic tips on how to write search engine friendly articles:

a. Title of your article: This is the most important part of your article and is usually overlooked by many authors. Always use good attention-grabbing titles of 5 to 10 words. Title should not only contain your main keywords, but also give a brief idea to the users about what your article is about.

b. Keyword density: Well, if your article is about "California tourism", then it is recommended that you should have this phrase/keyword in the title as well as multiple times in the main body of your article.

SEO is a huge subject which goes beyond the scope of this article, vut they do help to increase traffic to your articles.

Rule 6: Selection of topic for maximum web traffic:
If you write on topics which already have thousands of articles on the web, you are competing in a tough world. For example, topics like "Weight loss", "Work from home", "Credit Cards" etc.. are already saturated with millions of articles. Writing on a bit specialized topics gives much better results, Ex: "XYZ college of engineering - My personal experience", "Life in XYZ city", "Nokia XYZ cell phone features", "Health benefits of Laughing", "10 gifts for your girl friend on Valentnes Day" etc.. These topics may have smaller audience but far less competition. Writing on 'Out of box' ideas are often the ones that the best traffic.

Rule 7: Domain age:
Web is littered with websites which have no real content but float around just for marketing and advertising purpose. These sites often go under in 1-2 years. Many new genuine projects also end after a couple of years due to lack of funding or interest. Therefore older domains and those with higher Pagerank do well. I personally recommend writing articles on sites that have been around for more than 5 years. Articles on older sites tend to get faster popularity and better traffic.

Rule 8: Write articles often:
Both search engines and web-readers are always looking for fresh good quality content.

Rule 9: Error free articles get better search engine traffic:
Your articles should be free from grammatical errors and using very complex words can reduce the interest of your users. This is an important step if you want to improve popularity of your article.

Rule 10: Read comments on your articles:
Majority of good article submission sites have ability to leave comment on their articles. Reading comments and suggestions on your articles will give you ideas on how to enhance your article further. If a user has left a question, answer it or direct him to the correct resource. Taking care of your readers certainly helps to increase traffic to your articles.

Ideas about increasing traffic and popularity for their work revolves in the mind of every author. If you have additional suggestions to improve this article, please feel free to leave your valuable comments.

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