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Important traits that women love in men

BY: JoJustin | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2010-02-15

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Women are a group of people who do not really tell what is on their mind. This seems to be just the opposite trait of men. Men are more open and like to take ideas from others. Women try to keep their thoughts about various men they meet within themselves. At the same time, they are always on the assessment mode where they calculate to see if the guy fits into their scheme of things.

Every woman would love the knight in shining armor! The fact that there are very few knights(signifying a handsome personality) and that too in shining armor signifying wealth), makes the girl to realize that she may never meet one and even if she is able to meet the knight in the shining armor, he might have already lost his heart to another girl.

The women are quite practical when they are not able to find the knight. They look out for certain personalities and traits in the men they would like to live with or even be in a relation. These traits are very simple and they do not need any modification of the man's activities. The man has to make himself to be in a position of strength where he is confident and self assured.

The various traits women love in the men they like are:

1. Self confidence:

The self confidence in men are every important for them to be able to get a woman to like them. Women never like men who are unconfident. This is because the world is full of people who are of the idea that survival of the fittest will only be the truth. Self confidence is the first step in the fight for survival.

2. Personality:

The personality here does not mean that the man should be very handsome. The man should be a person who is able to achieve various things in life and be a successful person. The posture, body language and various other aspects of the man form the basis of the personality mentioned here. A man oozing with confidence will be able to walk with a jump in the gait and a woman will observe this. A man who is dull and boring will have a drooping shoulder and his body language will make it known to others. Men who have a good personality are able to get a woman easily into a relation.

3. Humor:

This is a very important factor that plays a major role in the making or breaking of a relationship. A knight in shining armor may be attractive, but if the person is boring, then the whole relationship is sure to end sore. Humor is a very important thing that every man should have. Natural humor is good, but in the absence of this, the man should try to have at least a semblance of humor to be able to attract the woman he likes.

These are the important traits that women like to see in the men they like. The relationship of a couple will be stronger if the man has these traits in him.

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