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Important features in a Help-desk software that online business owners should know

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-02-01

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   David Prakash Kumar
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As your company size increases, the help-desk component gets more important. This is because not all the users are able to properly manage a specific problem regardless of type, and when such a thing occur it is better for the company policy to be available 24/7 for its costumers rather than be continuously called for service on minor issues. Providing a help desk service assures the costumer a high level of professional efficiency.

Most help desk software have an advanced functional 'Trouble Ticketing' and virtually every referral is recorded in an electronic system that ensures:
- Full documentation of the entire process of technical support
- Tracking the situation in detail unnoticed by users
- Getting the reports relative to service performance

Help Desk services are divided into 3 subcategories:

Component phone has a role to identify the situation in question and is a first attempt resolution of the problem of remote user guidance toward solving its interactive.

Help Desk Remote makes solving situations by linking the user stations or remote centralized servers, like our specialists they are among users. This connection is accomplished over a connection, the VPN, fully secure.

Onsite Help Desk requires movement of specialists to address the important issues that were encountered during the day.

Every online business owner needs to know what to ask from the help desk software:

1. A powerful and flexible structure

• Flexible security can be divided (can customize)
• Assistance Team
• Assistance Manager
• Engineer Assistance

2. Client related databases and help recording

• Client Manager
• User Client
• Full Solution Assistance (Help Desk), knowledgebase, Task Manager etc…

3. Assistance on contract basis

• Limitations based on years, months, days, number of tickets or hours.
• Configurable working group with opportunity to give assistance and without a contract.

4. Manager advanced tickets

• Table board, search and filter possibility.
• More complex tickets with possibility to add notes and time spent solving each separately ticket.
• Graphic working time; provides opportunities to take account of time lost on each ticket.
• Predefined answers.
• Custom fields.
• Combination of manual and automatic tickets.

5. Knowledge Base
• Support categories
• Feedback from users by rating (Rating)
• Possibility of attaching files
• Possibility of concealment and publication.

6. Glossary

• Allows explaining technical terms
• Highlight keywords offering a quick explanation of words used in the Knowledge Base.

7. Easy updates

• Templates (Graphic design and functionality)
• Possibility of amending the general pages (access forbidden, Linking work, ads, search clients, warnings, debugging, working groups, etc ...)
• Pages ABELLING (add notes, add tickets, edit ticket, ticket reply, etc ...)
• Knowledge Base (add comment, view glossary, listing, etc ...)
• Sample email notification

8. Export

• The ability to export in CSV format to various fields
• History can be exported offering downloading options

9. Reports

• Analysis Working Groups
• Customer Analysis
• Analysis Support Team
• Custom graphics.

10. Other useful features

• Ability to make quick shortcuts (bookmarks)
• Ability to make public announcements
• Capture emails
• Possibility of quick updates and patches
• Windows Client notification.

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