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Important Problems Caused by Poor Quality Products

BY: JoJustin | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2010-02-22

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Quality assurance is an important part of every organization. The fact that there is quality assurance in a company ensures that the quality of the products is above a threshold and it is very beneficial for the general public or any person who is using the product. At the same time, the company that manufactures the products should ensure that they have stringent regulations for the quality checks. If these regulations are not present, then it can cause various problems to the company.

There are also many other difficulties in the lack of quality assurance and they are all listed in this article. They are as follows:

To reduce the costs of poor quality:

The cost of poor quality products may be cheap for the company that is manufacturing the product, but in terms of cost for the society and also for the cost on the health or lack of it in people who use the product.

Time and effort spent in complaint handling:

Any product that has failed a quality check needs to be recalled by the company and should be replaced with a good quality product. Other than this, the company also has to deal with a huge amount of complaints from the consumers and clients. This requires time and also causes a lot of wastage in time and effort.

Costs of claims and legal actions:

The cost of people who file lawsuits against the company for the various claims and legal actions have to be met. This can be quite a hefty sum. In fact if the company has to settle a law suit by paying the person who has filed a suit, then that too will cost a very huge sum of money and many companies have been crippled or closed because of these legal actions.

Extra cost of work repeated or wrong work done:

When the quality of the product is not met and it is elicited in the quality checks, then the cost of the product doubles when the same product has to be duplicated. This is the reason for the importance of quality and the fact that the first time production should be adequate. It also causes extra work and so extra labor charge for the repetition of the work.


The wastage increases because the company that produces products of poor quality has to throw these things away. These go waste and also the various resources that were used in the production of the product that is being thrown go waste.

Bad reputation:

The failed quality checks cause a bad reputation for the company. This is because the client will lose confidence on the quality of the products that are produced by that particular company.

Lost referral damaging effect on staff:

As the quality of the products decrease, the staff of the company also has a demoralizing effect that causes the persons working in the company to lose confidence in the management. The whole episode has the effect of a pack of cards collapsing and the whole system collapses.

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