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Impact of migration on the place hosting the migrant.

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2009-06-22

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Migration is seen in almost all countries and also between countries. This migration may have an impact on both the place left by the individual and also on the place where the migrant is heading. This article deals with the impact on the place hosting the migrant.

The impact of migration may be positive which are listed as advantages. There may also be a negative impact that is listed as disadvantages.


1. Migrants frequently settle in places with lesser population. These places would be having a shortage of skilled labor due to the decreased population. The migrants bring with them enough skills that will help support the economy. The migrants may be skilled people like doctors or unskilled people like construction workers.

2. Migrants will be usually willing to fill job vacancies that local people are unwilling to fill. These include jobs such as babysitting, cleaning and other such activities. This is an advantage for the existing community.

3. The integration of people into the new culture can lead to an enrichment of the cultural diversity in areas such as arts, music and dance.


1. Migrants may have to suffer in the new place due to atrocities such as racial abuse. They may also be discriminated in the new place. This may lead to an increase in the crime rate of the place where the migrant has arrived.

2. A large migrant influx may lead to an increased burden on the existing resources of the place. This may in turn again lead to strife between the migrant and the people who were living there. Proper planning by the local government will help both the migrants and the existing community co exist peacefully.

3. Migration often also may lead to a decrease in the economy of the place where they have arrived. This is because of the increased costs that the place has to put up with. The costs may be associated with the increased expenditure to provide adequate housing, food and health care to the migrant population.

These are the benefits and disadvantages faced by the migrant as well as the people of the place where the migrant has settled. Governments and local aid organizations have a large role to play in providing adequate care for the migrant. The local population also, has to be pacified to take in the migrant.

Proper planning and providing increased infrastructure will help in improving the economy rather than causing a detrimental effect. The onus will be on the authorities to cause a positive ripple rather than a negative one.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am a physiotherapist by profession. A writer by interest. I take up freelance assignments for various websites and blogs. Comments are welcome at prakashdavid@rediffmail.com

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