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If parents are true so will be the child. Teaching a child to speak truth

BY: moonlight | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-08-05

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When we start growing up our parents are very much conscious about the values we learn in our childhood. They become very considerate for nurturing our minds with the right values, morals and the principles which make us a right person and a person of wisdom, rationality and practicality.

Values are the strong beliefs that stay all through the life with us. They are the major beliefs we lead our lives and any actions with. Values represent the personality and the mindset of the person. The kind of values (beliefs) a person possesses, the kind of personality and the attitude he would have. Good and higher values lead to a practical, wise and a great personality whereas low values would lead to the opposite kind of personality. Values such as to be honest, to help everyone, to be kind with all, to be humble with everybody are few good values whereas values like teasing, lying, stealing and carelessness are few bad values.

Every parent wants their children to become good human beings because they always expect the best things for their children. This is why they put their best in inculcating the good morals and values into their children. One of the major good values that not only parents but every human being tries to develop in him and expects the same from others is the value; of speaking the Truth.

It is a human instinct that he always expects the truth in all the times and situations. But does he himself follow the path of truth? We expect others to speak the truth no matter how horrifying their truth may be for us, but we ourselves hardly speak the truth to anybody. Although we have been strictly taught by our parents, teachers and the elders to speak the truth but as soon as we grow up we forget this very value and we shake our hand with falsity. Have we ever thought the reason of why we start speaking lie when we always have been taught to follow the truth?

Actually, in general we have stopped believing into the values. We just speak about them on a superficial level but do not believe into them truly. We think that truth may create problems for us because underneath our minds we actually think really low and worse for others. There are so much of jealousy, competitions, and frustrations from others and if going to take out all that stuff from our minds life would turn to be truly miserable for us. That is why we put on the decorative curtains of falsity on our truth and prefer to speak lie. Majorly we speak lie because we are afraid of the outcome of the truth, we try to save ourselves in few situations and we think that truth will not help us anyhow.

In case of the parents even though they teach the children to speak the truth but in reality they themselves motivate their children to disobey this value. They know that speaking lie is not a good thing to do but still in many situations unknowingly and sometimes intentionally parents speak lie in front of their children despite of knowing the fact that the child is watching their this act. Parents try to rescue themselves in many undesired situations such as while talking on the phone, interacting with relatives. Sometimes they tell the child to speak the truth on their behalf.

A child is like a blank paper, you can write anything on. He learns through imitating his parents, elders and his ideals. Only the theoretical knowledge will not let the child to learn any value or moral. He needs a practical experience of the value (speaking the truth). When the child would see his parents speaking the truth in all the situations this very value would automatically get stronger into his consciousness and ultimately he would speak the truth very bravely in all the situations.

Especially when the parents really want to teach their children this good value of speaking truth then they themselves must believe in the fact that the boat of the truth may shake but will not sink ever. Truth always stands on its own, whereas falsity needs daily maintenance. If you have spoken lie to anybody you have to keep updating that lie into your mind and have to keep remembering what false you exactly told to that person. Truth is being said once you may forget it without any maintenance. Truth will save not spoil.

So, the parents must be very careful with what they are telling and what they are projecting in front of their children. Values are not tough to be developed into the child they just need to be believed and to be followed truly by the parents and the elders.

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thank you
thank you dear for all ur comments. these all would surely motivate me to write more better in future. u seem to be a good reader. well this is a compliment for u
jyotsna 2009-08-14
Good article
I liked your article , nice work.
Sneha 2009-08-09
dont be upset
friend, there is certainly a way to your problem. and for that i need to be in detail which i cant do in such a small space. u can mail me at my mail id. i certainly have the answer for your problem
jyotsna 2009-08-06
Kids .. My God
These days kids speak lie as if it is ingrained in them. I am fed up with my son who says all sort of lie all the time. He says lie to meet his girl friend secretly, he bunks school again presents false excuses. Do you have any tips how to handle the lying habit for grown up kids !! My kid is in 11th standard and I am worried for his future.
Yogi 2009-08-05

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