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If doctors are first, journalists are second ! Right?

BY: Abhi | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-08-23

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Once, pointing fingers at the Press gallery of the House of Commons, the eternal Burke said 'Yonder sits the fourth estate'.

Being a journalism student, I'm hereby making a proclamation ... I've 16 points to make, it's an anecdote with a justification, cause, and reality. Can you imagine life without Newspapers or News channels or the internet news for that matter? Journalists preform the job that is one of the most respectable and responsible... Do they deserve more than what they get?

1. Are journalists low-paid considering the kind of work they do?

2. Aren't they doing the most important job of today?

3. Can you imagine life without Newspapers or News channels or the internet news for that matter??

4. Imagine, you did not know that 9/11 occurred and you are waiting for your relative to come home !! Here reference is made to the twin tower attacks that destroyed the erection forever, killing many.

5. Imagine, you were a resident of Andaman and you were unaware of 26th December, 2004 !! Here reference is made to the deadly Tsunami that almost engulfed the whole of Andaman, also affecting other areas, killing many, injuring lots.

6. Imagine you were dressing up your house with balloons to welcome your sister who was on IC814 (returning from an office tour) on 25th Dec, 2000 !! Here reference is made to the Air India plane hijack that occurred on the mentioned date, where one was killed and finally the plane was let off on the New Year, 2001, after the Indian government agreed to free the principal hijacker's brother(a terrorist) from jail.

7. Imagine you are suffering from prolonged cough and cold and assuming it to be common cold, you don't pay much heed, only coz you don't know anything about swine flu, its outbreak, its symptoms, its seriousness, etc. !! Here reference is made to the H1N1 virus that has killed so many throughout the world, with 66 in India.

8. You can't stop to decide which one to imagine. Because you know the unimaginibility (I made up the word because nothing could be more apt) of life without NEWS.

9. Without journalists ..

10. Aren't you now convinced that we are worth a thousand other professions?

11. Don't you now think we're deserving of more than what we get?

12. Whatever it is, all journalists are proud of their jobs, coz they know they are indispensable unlike any other (exception-doctors).

13. We do a responsible job… We are the -FOURTH ESTATE-

14. Thinking of the cons that we've??

15. Don't you have one?

16. Who's perfect?

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Good one Abhirup
good creative work .. Abdul a student of Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia
Abdul 2009-08-24

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