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INDIAN WOMEN: Sacrifices made by women in India

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-07-02

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   Muhammed Haris
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Indian Women: She is the one who upholds the respect of women community. Society respects her as a goddess for her great work and all the sacrifices she makes. Even when there trend of considering a woman as a tool for sexual enjoyment and to get the works done by her, the qualities of Indian women to uphold her dignity are really praiseworthy. The slogan -Yathra naariyanthu ramanthe thathra devatha- -Where the women are being respected, there the god is- Indian epics have many names of great women who lived as example to the generations. By serving as a brave warrior, by achieving in literature, service, politics, sports, arts etc. Even in the era of man dominations, Indian women served as the indispensable part and parcel of the family.

We hear many examples like a women got married at 9 or 10, then lost husband after couple of years, then lived for 90 or 100 years, with the name of -Widow-. Widow had to live by making her head bald. She had to wear only white dress. There was a tradition that women had to stay outside the home during her menstrual periods. As per -Sathi- tradition, if husband dies, she had to sacrifice her life in the funeral fire of her husband.

Even if a wife murders her husband, the law of the land cannot punish her by putting into fire. At the most she would be hanged till death. So, what for she had to be burned alive? Was the society expecting her to die before her husband?

In some traditions, women were made responsible for anything bad happens after a marriage. It was termed as her the result of her sins. There was even the tradition of checking her virginity before the marriage in most insulting way. Even there were tradition of putting a white cloth on the bed and checking it after the first night, if there was blood found on it, as a result of break of virginity. If the blood was not found, there used to be the war happening between two families. The fact that virginity can be broken by many kinds of physical exercises was not considered or unknown. At the same time many girls were forced to be like prostitutes to satisfy the sexual hunger of high class male society. The system of devdasis was one among such traditions. Arts and scripts were openly exposing the naked poses of women. Why not of men's?

Inspite of all these, the patience of greatness of Indian women to serve the family and the society is incomparable. That's why she deserves the designation of -Devatha- of -Goddess- worth to be worshipped for all her patience, services and sacrifices.

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About Author / Additional Info: Hi I am Muhammed Haris, working for Hinduja (Formelry HTMT) Global Solutions,Bangalore,INDIA. You may reach me at muhar786@gmail.com or at +919739094168

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