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BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2009-07-02

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   Muhammed Haris
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Indian politics is a business because it is a profit oriented dealing. As it well known, the tax amount is shared for many things. From the top politician till the contractors, everybody have their share in it. It has been considered as their share and they are never ready to lose it. After law is a Muppet in the hands of politicians who have the right to make and break the law. The account is what they make to look like. In Indian politics, the expenditure account, 1+1 need not be 2. 1+1 can be made as much as they want. Because the mathematics not so powerful like politics. Politicians have been given the right to make law. Whether it has been required or not is decided by their votes. It is well known what is the fact they consider to support a voting resolution. For any task we need to get, the cost of bribe involved in it is known fact. People calculate such cost as just like any other cost. The bribing system has been accepted by the society so commonly. People are very much used to it. So it is not being questioned.

In Indian politics, when a politician goes on adding wealth, no asks about the source, because it is known. It has been considered as good as they get money from their inherited property. But who thinks that, the robbery from tax collected from the blood and sweat of every common man. Even a person, who can have food, only once in a day, gives a share to the politician, when he buys his bought. Are these politicians ever think about all these, when the amount they grab in lakhs and crores. Does the government have the moral right of continuing to collect the taxes, when it has been misused like this? Does the constitution of India, is strong enough to give a government and rule to the people? Have we accepted our helplessness for the present worst system? Keeping quite while seeing a sin, is also a sin. Indian politics is loaded with corrupt leaders who just get elected to mint money.

The protests of the public have been created miracles in Indian politics. If the public protest against corruption, it is not impossible to control it. After all Lokayuktha, CBI, Police department etc all is controlled by the politicians. So those forces cannot be the best sources to take the help to fight against the corruption. Even these departments are not away from corruption. If a government is like a hen giving golden eggs to these like departments, why should they try to kill that hen? The logic is as simple as that. So the only force which can fight against corruption is the general public. The force of general public is stronger than the force of politicians or polices or even more than a military force. Public have all the moral rights to protest against these corruption. We have the system of publishing the company accounts on the newspapers. Why don't we have the system of publishing the accounts of the government? Are we not the shareholders or the investors into the revenue of the government? How can they keep the accounts secret from the public, when the entire source pf tax is from the people? At least, can a citizen be informed, where does the tax paid from him go? Who eats how much who spends how much?

Corruption in Indian politics should be checked and cheaters should be prosecuted like other common citizens.

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About Author / Additional Info: Hi I am Muhammed Haris, working for Hinduja (Formelry HTMT) Global Solutions,Bangalore,INDIA. You may reach me at muhar786@gmail.com or at +919739094168

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