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IIM Indore's Upcoming Management Development Programme

BY: Guest | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-11-12

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Leading & Managing Change in Turbulent Times
November 23 - 25, 2009

Fee: Rs. 20,000/- (Residential)

The only thing that is permanent today is change. Your organization is in constant state of change - ever increasing competition and complexity, evolving customer needs, technological advances, social trends, and continual changes in policies and procedure. Business leaders are constantly faced with the challenge of redefining their strategies on leadership, talent, and diversity, while evaluating their operational effectiveness. With this in mind, it is important to understand the fundamentals of change management process, as it will guide you in managing the turbulent times.

For Whom
Managers at all levels who are responsible for managing individuals working in environments where change is a constant or in organizations planning a major change programme and executives who would like to develop teams and know how to handle conflicts successfully.

Over view of change process, the complexity, inevitability of changes and the need for incremental and transformational changes. Adopting leadership styles to facilitate change. Decision-making & delegation as leverages for managing change. Communication needs for organizational change. Managing and handling conflicts in organization Motivating and leading Teams during distress.

Managerial Communication
November 30 - December 4, 2009
Fee: Rs.30,000 (Residential)
Effective communication skills enhance a person's abilities to make a positive and lasting impression on one's peers, superiors and in fact, on all those with whom one comes into contact. It is therefore desirable to not only acquaint
oneself with the skills but to practice them at the workplace as well as at the interpersonal level.

For Whom:
Senior Managers and Executives at all levels.

Overview of the communication process and identifying individual communication styles.

Communicating at the workplace skills set: listening, speaking, persuading and writing.
- Business preparations.
- Cross-cultural communication.
- Communicating in teams/ groups.
- Business Writing.

Corporate Governance
December 3- 5, 2009
Fee: Rs.20,000 (Residential)

Effectiveness of corporate governance is extremely important to ensure that the corporation is creating value for the shareholders. Recent corporate scandals have highlighted the need for having superior corporate governance practices. With corporate boards being the prime custodian of shareholder rights, effectiveness of corporate boards is the central issue in corporate governance. This program exposes the participants to best practices in corporate governance, board oversight and corporate disclosure. It also aims to sensitize the participants on the issues of designing effective board processes that improve board functioning.

For Whom:
* Executives with leadership responsibilities in organizations - people who are already on boards of corporate and other bodies in the capacity of whole time, independent or non-executive directors.
* Executives who are likely to take-up directorship roles in future, as well as executives who interface with Boards in their organizations.
* Chartered accountants, company secretaries and executives of banks and financial institutions who, as a result of their significant equity stake, are interested in understanding the nuances of corporate governance to help them provide a superior oversight to organizations they monitor.

The programme will broadly be structured around the following themes:

* Board's role in providing effective corporate oversight and setting direction.
* Improving board processes.
* Audit Committees - Providing effective internal controls and due diligence.
* The role and responsibilities of independent directors.
* Best practices in corporate information disclosures and transparency.
* Legal and regulatory provisions of corporate governance codes.

Contact Us:

Executive Education | Indian Institute of Management Indore | -Prabandh Shikhar- | Rau-Pithampur Road | Indore 453331 | MP| INDIA
Tel. +91-731-2439750/ 2439752/ 2439753 | Fax: +91-731-2439751/ 2439800

Email: mdp@iimidr.ac.in Visit us: http://iimidr.ac.in Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/iimiexeced

S. Santhanam
Sr. Officer, Executive Education

Saching.com is not associated with IIM Indore at all, this is just a copy of their email being printer here for the benefit of students who come to this website.

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