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I'm Still Writing and Enjoying It to the Fullest!!

BY: lenlen79 | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-11-04

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The joys of writing ...sometimes I am at a loss for words to describe it...even if I am now an experienced writer. It is an experience worth to share with those who have the same passion about it... I write because I enjoy it, it is intellectually fulfilling and I look at it as my advocacy to share what I know and help others be inspired in their lives.

It's great to be back again! I'm taking a short break from my writing assignment, not that I am on vacation but it is because I just finished writing my 20 articles quota for this week, and I am waiting for the next set of articles I am going to write.

It's been a month or a little over that I got to write here. My thoughts are just spinning all over and I can't help but be excited to share with you my on-going experiences with my present job. I am still enjoying my euphoria kind of feeling- yes, I've been having it for the last three months since I started!

It's such a thrill for me to discover my articles posted on the internet..I found 35 of my first 100 articles posted online under a single author! I did tell you that I ghostwrite for my employer and my employer in turn submits this to the subscriber who publishes these articles on the internet under his/her own name! I knew these were my articles because I know and remember most of the words in those articles...even the style of the writing which I seemed to have established in every article I could easily spot if it was written by me or not! Well, I guess I have become a good spotter of my articles...it's just a real feeling inside you that you would instantly know if you are the writer of that article. That was the feeling I felt when I was just browsing through the internet when I had a few minutes to spare..and was I lucky to discover my articles!! Believe it or not, I had some goosebumps..I don't know why but it was also a happy and proud feeling at the same time!

Maybe that is one of the joys of writing. What you write gets to be appreciated and published online for millions of readers to read and learn something from... even if it is not my name on it.... I really don't mind because the way I look at it is like transcending over the more important reasons why I write - that is to inform, to make readers happy and maybe inspire in some ways. These are enough good reasons for me to continue writing.

Having said that, I hope these reasons would be yours, too.

Till I get to write here again! Thanks for reading this..

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