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I am Bhuttu Speaking. (Personal story of a dog)

BY: Jashodhara | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2009-10-23

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Though she was a bitch only, but I feel everyone in this world is important. Everyone is born for a purpose here. Though LOVE is only four letter word, but this word is hidden inside every aspect of life.

God has created us for some purpose! It is our duty to fulfill the wishes of God. When I was born I did not have any name. After one week when my mistress brought me at her place, I was named as -Bhuttu- as my mother's name was ‘Lattu'. The day I came to my mistress's house, I was very sad as I left my mother that day and thought ‘how cruel they were'.

When I entered this home, my mistress‘s family was very happy to see me there and I only urinated, they all laughed at me. Her younger brother immediately said, -Don't laugh at it; it is also a human being-.

Hearing this they all started laughing and said, ‘Is it a human being? It is a puppy'. After two days, it was raining heavily. I went out of my kennel and got stuck in the mud. Her brother came immediately and rescued me. I used to urinate all the time! They used to shout at me sometimes but used to clean me properly like a child in the family. My mistress's father was very kind hearted person. During winter He used to keep me warm by giving me hot water bag. This way the days passed. I became little big. I used to go with them when they were going out. I knew their school timing so when they used to go to school I never went out of the house.

Once I felt sick, my master treated me with antibiotic medicine. He used to give it to me with honey but it was so bitter that I did not want to take that medicine. That time I learnt the word Medicine. Whenever I used to feel sick they used to say that word and I never used to wait there. They are human being, so they are naturally more intelligent than me. They never used to utter the word again.

After a year, I fell in love with their neighbour's Lucky, a handsome stout fellow, of course a dog. I gave birth to five children. The days passed nicely. One day my mistress's father was walking in the garden, he tried to pick up a black ribbon from a corner, suddenly I saw the act. I immediately jumped on him and barked. He asked -What's the matter Bhuttu-? Then he noticed, that ribbon of a snake moving away to the other side. I was patted for the act by him. I felt luckily very grateful as I could save my master.

It was a sad incident in my life. If I recollect that incident, I really feel that I'm lucky. Whenever my mistress's family used to go anywhere I used to follow them, but that day they just boarded a taxi and I was left alone on the road. I saw some menacing dogs following me. I started running and they followed me. When it became dark I could not find my way home. This loss was a nightmare for me. I started searching my home, but was disappointed. Then I just slept. In the early morning, I found a gang of dogs staring at me. I got very much frightened. Two days passed I could not find the house. I was hungry. I was so fearful that I could not search my food even. That time I felt that the world is very cruel. On the third day when I was passing a lane, suddenly I heard my name. -Is it Bhuttu?- It was surprisingly the Grandmother who called. I jumped and entered the house. Staring at me, all the family members greeted me like their lost child. All the members started sobbing seeing me. All ran to bring food for me. That was the love and affection I got from that family.

This is how; years passed I became 10 years old. My mistress's marriage was fixed. I cried everyday as she will leave soon. I knew, any moment she will leave the house. I understood what her parents must be feeling. Now whenever she used to hug me I used to feel pain in my heart. The day she left for husband house I stopped eating and hid under the stilted house. I knew that my days came to an end as I loved each one of them very much. But she was special for me, as I used to think, ‘because of her I got a very special house'. When I stopped eating, I prayed to God of her well-being and thought ‘If I am born again I should get such a family like My Mistress'.

Only Pet-Lovers know the unselfish Value of separation!

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Nice narration of our childhood through Bhuttu. You didn`t mention about Bachchu, the only son of Bhuttu who gave company to her mother all through her life and wore goggles. He had other siblings like Badshah who was such a joy for Dada (Anjan) and his family who adopted him. I also remember Bhuttu bringing her plate when Thakunna wanted to give her food.
Sabyasachi Ghosh 2009-10-28
comment on Bhuttu
you have not told about bhuttu`s puppy the one bhuttu retained nice one old memories
santanu ghosh 2009-10-24

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