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I Will Trust God

BY: Brad Soul | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-11-19

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   Brad Soul
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We have all heard the inspirational speakers, preachers, Christian brothers and sisters tell us to trust God. We may have even thought of trust as something easy to obtain. Perhaps we had a strong feeling of encouragement after listening to a passionate sermon coming from the pulpit. Some of us have even seen power and demonstration - evidence of God's power and willingness to help His people. We have witnessed people whose lives have been changed as result of His constant, gradual probing and molding with those He has called. We are all even witnesses to His awesome taste in nature. We gaze at mountains and valleys He has carved with his powerful fingers. We enjoy the subtleties of the plains and hills. The oceans, rivers, and sea's speak with their own separate voices from peaceful tones to their commanding acts of force. You would agree that it is asking much for one to put total confidence in only one person. It is not reasonable to say that one can even put total confidence in God, therefore always trust God.

One thing I have learned is that finite rationality does not always explain things. Famine, disease, injustices, prejudices, oppression, hatred are only a few realities we all have at least once experienced or have seen the effects. It is in these times where trust seems to crowd out all other doubt. In my heart I search for answers and reasons to help life make sense. I don't always find the answers I am searching for. However, trust found me in my darkest hour and gave me a gift. It was a gift that I was not searching for. Had I not given an ear to trust I would have never known it had come. I would have given into disparity and anguish. If you ever want to see someone in despair, look for the man with dreams and skill within, but who can't seem to find his way out of his present world of mediocrity. I am so grateful that I opened my heart to trust, even when having to face ambiguity. As I unraveled the gift I found something that caused me to smile. It filled my soul with a joy that cannot be explained in any language. It can only be understood by those with a kindred spirit.

Because of my trust in God, I opened the gift and inside and found hope. Yes hope that even though I can't explain His beginning to His end, though His wisdom is infinite and mine is limited still I trust God. I look and see trouble in the world everywhere. Nations are blaming the other and people are at odds against one another. Economies are breaking down and political wars have become an everyday reality. One side demonstrates arrogance and pride, the other tolerance and permissiveness. I wonder how order can possibly come out of such chaos. I still can't help but have a constant expectation of something wonderful. I know I can't answer every question or understand every hurt, but I choose to trust in God. I see His handiworks and have beheld His creativity. I trust Him because His taste is absolutely beautiful. Just look around you and behold what glorious things He has done. And if you can't seem to find anything as you gaze, try looking in the mirror at yourself. He believes in you and if you trust Him, you to will have the gift of hope. Nestled in the crevices of your soul, you will know that the peaceful world you dream of is something that will become a reality and will turn out for the best. Hope for it now. Hope for your own successes and passions, hope for happiness, hope for love to endow every creature on the face of the earth. Choose to trust God and your pain will be turned into delight. Your tears of grief will become tears of joy. Let Him figure out all the other issues, don't worry He can handle it.

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