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Hurray... Holidays!!

BY: crazy5 | Category: Others | Post Date: 2010-02-09

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Yes, it was Monday and before I could plan for anything I heard him say- -yippy! Today is my exam's result day and surely I am going to fail? Then I will go to my grandpa and get married soon. I will have children and I will never scold them to study. My wife will cook and I will bring vegetables for her. I and my Sonu, Monu, Toni will ride the back of our big buffalo. I will milk her, drink it and listen radio. How exciting.- My seven year son, Rahul was speaking to himself as he combed in front of the mirror in various styles of Sharukh and Salman.

Yesterday my husband said to send him to village if he fails, and today you see his big dreams! These films have destroyed our kids. I pray he doesn't fail, not because no mother wishes his son to fail but because I don't want to be mother-in-law so soon.

I remember the last time we took him to our natives.

-Ma, hungry-, some mud dipped boy said pulling my saree.

-Hoot, hoot-, I said, afraid he pull my saree for it was not fixed properly.

He rubbed his face -Ma, I am your son, see our noses match-

And really it matched man! You can't understand how I felt when my five thousands Benarasi saree was destroyed by his hold. And then what will I W-A-S-H him, all my soaps became dirty. I thought to put ‘him' in the detergent with the clothes. On discussing I found our master had gone to catch fish in the way, while we didn't reach our home also. ‘Fish!!!!!!, yekk!!!!!, we are pure vegetarians!!'.

And what after that, I didn't introduce him to anyone; he popularized us in two days that we were ‘HIS' parents. Within a day the milkman's milk fell, the hand pump's screw became loose, the cattle lost way, and his two teeth broke in eating the sugarcane.

Three ladies of my age complained of a boy who bantered and batted an eye on them. I didn't say he was my son. Really my son will rise very high in life—and to my astonishment there he was at a high position.

-Long live our king, long live our king-, the country boys held my son on their shoulders and came shouting. I hid behind the door, who knows someone throw stone at me for bringing such a nuisance.

I can't hold him to home either, for the whole generation is of the same category,
Grandfather says -my grandson is the king among boys-.
And my beloved husband -this is his time to have fun-.
Who's going to hear me? Yes have fun, flirting aunties.

My home keeper Raja was another knack. Something was there that I didn't like him. I think his eyes were always on my father-in-law's locker not on the chores. And how dirty he was, no maintenance! My son will be destroyed in his company. Once I complained about him but response was ‘he is one of the oldest servants of the house'. Go to hell, who am I to see good. Let everything get destroyed.

And now my darling son came with bruises all on knees and ankles. Sir had climbed the hay mount and now his whole body was itching. Let it itch. But I am not the only one for him. His sweetie granny put oil all around and now he was making faces to me. His granny asked- why you run behind aunties, son?- And his reply -grandma, I protect them from offenders, I respect ladies- .Yes I understood his respect.

One day Rahul didn't come for the lunch- yes why should he? Many girls would be dying to feed her hero one third their ages... First they complained but now many come with biscuits and toffee to search for him. After all he was the Krishna with Gopis. So today also he may be with some of his sweethearts.

Suddenly one small boy came running and yelled-Rahul is………-.

-What happened to my son?- I got wild.

-He went with us to the riverside?-

-My son drowned…………..god……. take me- I cried.

-No aunty, Raja took him from there-

-Then Raja kidnapped him, I doubted him before…..god……….take me-

-No aunty a bull was there-

-The bull killed my son…………god……….. Take me-

-No aunty they were riding on the bull-

-Haaaaa……..my son fell down………….god…….take me-

-No aunty…raja…-

-Raja pushed my son, he is injured……….god……..take me-

-No, no, there was a snake-

-God…snake bit my son….you take me-

-What is this aunty………let me complete then if you wish go with god-

-How rude…ok say or else…god…-

Interrupting the boy said -the bull was walking, it saw a snake so got unbalanced , raja tried to hold Rahul and himself fell down, the snake bit Raja…..so Rahul took him to hospital. He told to inform you-

-Rahul is safe-


-God………. don't take me……..- I sighed in relief.

I thought to tell my husband and father-in-law but they were already gone.

First time I prayed for someone not in blood relationship. How selfish I am, living in a practical world I think everything professionally. All men are not the same. Looks and maintenance are external things. What maters is emotion for others. Today if my son would have been in city under a bus no one would ever care to look, but here Raja didn't think for himself. What hell did I do with my good looks to my son with regard to Raja?

Ashamed I went to the hospital, but I couldn't ask sorry. I thought not to create a filmy scene and a family drama. And if my make-up came out in tears, then, I myself may get scared.

And this time again my son was praying to fail. More than he I was nervous of the result.

He came with the report card smilingly. 'did he really fail?'

-Ma I passed-, he said gladly. But how can he be glad? In the morning….he…..

Just then the phone rang.

-hello-, I said.

-Beta! I am not feeling well, I have countable number of days to live; please come home and don't forget to bring Rahul, seeing him hope the devil leave me to live,- my father-in-law said.

And our darling Rahul was still smiling, -grandpa called us home na!-.

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About Author / Additional Info: Crazy5 is crazy of writing articles. she is an engineer by profession working in a reputed telecom company and her sisters are her inspiration for comedies, actually they are crazy five to make a situation crazy.

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