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How to write a Killer Article

BY: Jessica | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-10-05

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Online writing is all about writing excellent articles ( or Killer Articles) and not just some mediocre ones. Good articles demand three things; Informative content, Presentation and Simplicity. There is a great misconception among bloggers and online authors that writing too many articles will lead to higher number of page impressions or an overall high traffic to their site. Although it is true that online readers and search engines come more often to a website which adds fresh content frequently, but ultimately the speed of adding new articles is less important than the quality of individual articles.

CASE STUDY: Lets take the example of three websites

a) Wikipedia:

It is safe to say that most pages of Wikipedia are very well written, especially on those topics which are frequently searched by readers. Wikipedia pages are made from contribution from countless readers and can clearly be categorized as 'Killer articles'. Some of these individual pages get several thousands of unique page impressions every day, a number which most bloggers and smaller websites do not get even with all their articles combined. Wikipedia has an amazing #6 Alexa global ranking.

b) HowLifeWorks.com:
This website does not even have 300 web pages and yet it is ranked 15,376 in Alexa global ranking (3,414 in USA). This website is a private site and only professionally qualified staff members can contribute articles on it. I ran a search site:howlifeworks.com on Google and it came up just 255 pages. This is an extremely good ranking for so few articles. My wild guess is that this website must be getting 15,000 to 35,000 unique visitors per day. I found that each article on this site is written with great care and in a very presentable manner. Even though the articles are not too long, they are very much to the point. I would personally regard almost every article on this website as a Killer Article.

c) Saching.com (this website)
In my charts, this website scores extremely well considering the fact that not all authors are experts, in fact most people are like me (casual hobby writers). Although I have seen some experts recently. Saching was also featured on 'Killer Startups' recently and is also listed on prestigious Dmoz/Google directories. There are a total of more than 150 million websites and blogs out there. This website is among top 100000 Alexa ranking which is pretty cool and receives thousands of page impressions every day. I have seen several killer articles on this website. There is no doubt that within the next one year this can breach the top 50000 ranking mark and rise even higher with time. I am extremely satisfied by the readership and response I get for my articles written on this website.

Ways to write a Killer Article:
Writing a great article is actually not that difficult, but it does require patience, common sense and some research.

a) Deciding on a topic:
A killer article should be on a topic which people often search. You should also be careful that internet is not already flooded with many killer articles already on that topic. Simply use Google search for that topic to get an idea. There is competition on every topic on the internet, just avoid those with fierce competition . After a little bit research you can find several good topics to write. This process may be difficult initially but once you get into this researching practice regularly, it will not take you more than 15 minutes to come up with an idea to write article of your interest.

b) Get your facts straight:
A good article is a combination of your own thoughts but finding beyond what you already know is essential. There is no point in rushing to finish your article, take time and add more interesting facts. People love to see some numbers and real life examples inside articles. Keep your article interesting and avoid using complex terms as far as possible. Updating article with new information is also recommended. Always revise your article a few times before making it live.

c) Title of your article:
A good title should never be more than 5 to 8 words, and preferably under 65 characters. Title is the most important part of your article and a reader should immediately understand what your article is all about. Following some SEO techniques is also recommended. Once the article is live, you should avoid changing the title of your article.

d) Cosmetics of an article:
Presenting an article in several short paragraphs, bullet points or numbering is a great way to present information. A picture is highly recommended, but only if it relevant to your article. Make necessary sections and sub-headings bold using HTML Bold tags.

e) Length of an article:
Options widely differ, but my personal experience says that you need to write articles at least 500 words long. Now depending on the topic you can even go as long as 1000 characters long. Articles which are not meant for an encyclopedia or research purpose, can quickly become boring if they are too long.

f) Getting readers to your articles:
A good article will automatically act as a magnet and fetch readers to your articles over time. It's a good idea to bookmark article with various free tools (Digg, Propeller, Furl etc..) and also participate in voting (like Yahoo Buzz). Add your articles on networking sites (like Facebook, Orkut or Myspace) or inside your profile. It will not take you more than 5 minutes for you to do all this after your article is published, but it will really help in getting more readers to your article.

g) Patience:
A good article will make it's way higher in search engine results only with time. Now this can be 2 weeks, 3 months or even 6 months. A new article cannot suddenly displace the older ones the moment it goes live.

This itself may not be a Killer article but it is the best I could write in my free time. Some authors I on this site are Swati, David, Chitra, Melea, Deena, Abhirup, Tim, Sreeni, Yoshi and Jyotsna.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: A writer and a teacher.

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