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How to wax your body - Waxing tips to remove hair - Types of waxes

BY: Swati | Category: Women | Post Date: 2008-10-24

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All of us love to have a smooth and glowing body with no hair on it. Waxing is very popular among grown up girls of all ages. There are several options available in the market to get rid of the unwanted hair, however, I personally go for waxing most of the times since it not only removes the hair right from the roots, it also removes the dead skin leaving behind a healthy radiant skin. There are mainly two kinds of waxes, hot and cold. The cold wax does not need to be heated and can be applied directly on to the skin and then removed with the help of a piece of cotton cloth or disposable paper. This kind of waxing is more convenient but hot wax is better and gives better results.

There are two types of hot waxes available in the market, one is the traditional wax that needs to be heated in hot water or a heating pot. The other is microwavable wax that can be heated in a microwave within seconds without any mess. Here is a step by step procedure for waxing your body:-

1. Always wash the area that needs to be waxed so that all the dirt and oil is washed away from the surface of the skin
2. Do not over heat the wax since it can lead to serious injuries, always follow the instructions on the wax container.
3. Apply a thin layer of warm wax in the same direction as the hair growth.
4. Put a cotton strip or disposable paper on top of the wax and press the area a little with the hand.
5. Now tighten the surrounding skin with one hand and pull the strip with the other hand.
6. Always pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
7. Follow the same procedure for the rest of the area and then gently wash the area. For example, once you finish waxing both your legs, then wash them and then apply some cream or moisturizer.

Waxing usually lasts for a month before you see hair coming back. I wax my body once a month, sometimes once in every one and a half months. Also, hot wax is less painful than cold wax because it makes the skin and hair soft, therefore hair removal becomes easier. These days waxing strips are also vailable which are basically pieces of paper with a thin layer of cold wax on them. So all you have to do is warm the paper a little by keeping it in between your palms and then peel the top paper and then stick the wax side of the paper on your skin and then pull in the opposite direction. These waxing strips are convenient for quick hair removal right before a get together or in an emergency. Personally i prefer hot waxing on regular basis, However, I do use the waxing strips once in a while when I am in a hurry and I need to wax my arms or legs but mostly its the hot wax.

Waxing helps to remove the unwanted body hair and help skin to glow. Girls can apply wax to look sexy, smart and beautiful.

IMPORTANT: These are general instructions to to waxing. Always follow the waxing tips suggested in the instruction manual with your wax kit. Never use very hot wax as it can cause burns. It is suggested to use wax on a small portion and trying it before you go ahead and apply it to other ortions of the body. I am not a doctor.

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