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How to survive death from sickness

BY: Deena David | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2010-01-16

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   Deena David
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Many people all over the world are trying to battle their sickness and they need all the support they can get to try to survive the disease that they have got. There are also many success stories of people who have overcome deadly diseases. These include people in various parts of the world in various professions. Some of these people have been high profile and others have been not so famous.

One of the most important factors that is very essential to be able to survive the various troubles include the sickness is the attitude of the person. There are also various other factors that play a role in the ability of the person to survive from the sickness that they have got. These factors that play a role in the survival of the person from a disease or sickness are listed below:

1. Positive attitude:

There are many people who are very depressed and discouraged when they realize that they are sick and may not make it. This itself can make the person more sick. It will make them further depressed and they ultimately stare at the bottomless pit into which they are falling. There are other people who have a positive attitude and these people are the ones who have the ability to overcome the disease easily. This is because these people know that they have to be positive about various things in life and being negative or worrying unnecessarily will have no effect on their sickness. Worrying in fact causes more problems for the person suffering from a disease and can cause them to be more depressed leading to a decrease in health status.

2. Co-operate with physicians:

There are some people who try to disrupt the health care professionals through their activities. This will make them have an increase in their sickness because some health professionals may not be able to give their best to the patient because of the disruptive activities of the patient. Co operating adequately with the physicians is very important for the individual to survive.

3. Intake of fluids and oral foods:

The food that has to be consumed orally either in the liquid form or in the solid form should be according to the specification of the consulting physician. There are many people who consume either more or less than what they are supposed to consume. This is very damaging in conditions where the patient has to have a correct intake and output. A mismatch can occur if there is an inadequate consumption or excessive consumption of foods.

4. Exercise if you have to:

Exercise does not have to be running or jogging or even walking, especially if you are a very sick person. The minimal exercise that a person who is very sick can do is to move the hands to the full range of the shoulder joint and similarly for the legs. The person should also try to move their ankles up and down. This will ensure that they have a blood supply that keeps the persons limbs in good shape.

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