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How to successfully break a bad habit

BY: Deena David | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-07-21

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   Deena David
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Almost all the human beings have bad habits. Some of these bad habits cause damage to the individual's life. Other bad habits can cause damage to the lives of people around the person with the bad habit. Bad habits are obviously not good. Unless a person realizes that a habit is bad, the individual may not want to break the habit.

Even when a person has realized that a habit is bad, breaking the habit that has been present for many years and has been ingrained into the mind of the individual may not be easy. This article gives a few ideas to help the individual to break a bad habit.

1. Revelation:
There is a point of time when the person with the bad habit realizes that the habit is wrong. This is the first step in the path of breaking the habit. Unless a person knows that there is something wrong, he will not try to remedy the mistake. So once a person identifies a habit is bad, then the person will try to change the habit.

2. Responsibility: The person with the bad habit should take the responsibility too break the habit. The person should realize that the problems caused by the bad habit affects him and his family. The person should take a resolution saying that he is responsible for the habit and he will try to change the habit with the help of others.

3. Finding substitutes: Trying to change a habit without a plan is like trying to come out of a sand pit. Each time the person climbs out, more sand falls into the pit and the person keeps falling inside. Similarly, unless a person has a plan to follow, it will be a never ending process to change the bad habit. Using substitutes to modify the bad habit is the right path to modify and change a bad habit.

4. Change: Change is slow to come, but it will come eventually. So the person who is kicking out a habit should change completely and become a new person. The individual should forget the places and people who will tempt the person to fall back to the old ways.

5. No looking back: Most people who try to kick out a bad habit may be tempted somewhere along the way to fall back for a short time into their old ways, but it should be remembered that once a person falls, it is a deep fall and it is very difficult to get back to normalcy again.

These are the methods of breaking a bad habit and turning into a new leaf.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I am a Masters Degree holder in Pediatric Nursing. I also do freelance writing work. I am also interested in technology and computer applications. Comments on the article can be sent to deenaanddavid@gmail.com

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