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How to spend your money to get the most out of life

BY: Dwixi | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-12-03

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Spending now vs investing

It always seems more tempting to to continue with your current mindset even though you know there is a better one out there somewhere. A god example for this is debt, It is easier for you to just keep getting into more debt than face the reality and difficult process of getting your self out of debt. Another good example would be health, its easier to just go for the comfort food and TV rather than facing the difficult process of finding optimal health technique's and implementing them. Many people feeling they don't like the idea of investing because they are trying to live in the now. Because, there really is no other time than now. But that's not account for the fluctuation of what your life can transform into. It's important to be in the now and appreciate it like it is ur last and first moment. Because it is. But there is also the fun of change. As long as we do not become too attached to the idea that life HAS to be different and feeling like we are constantly chancing a rabbit then we are free to enjoy all the flavors and experiences life has too offer.

So once we overcome this kind of thinking with attachment to the here and now and accept it is always in a state of flow, we can only then start planning for the future with a clear mind. If we are accepting the now for how it is we stop trying to chase the invisible rabbit and make the most of what we have how so we can best prepare for the future, and not be out of balance.
The best things we can invest in is ourselves. Our own education. This is the priority. Book's seminars, travel etc. These kind of things are one of the best investments that can be made. They are more valuable than physical things because they are the means in witch we can get more physical things. The second best way to invest your money is in things that historically hold there value and increase. Rather than things we can't rely on paying back such as investing in a friends restaurant or some kind of new money making scheme. These kind of things are likely to be unsuccessful the first time around, or even the first 5 times around. The safest bet is to invest in things like precious metals and land. You are pretty much guaranteed to get a high return on these over just a a decade or even less.

What you REALLY want

Okay so you now know how it is important to get a good balance with now and the future. But you still might be buying impulse buys in the now. Why is this? When the things you are buying afterwords are seeming irrational it is normally always stemming from somewhere deeper where you feel insufficient. And this is your mind's way of being distracted from it and being in denial of it.

I find a good technique for giving you a more accurate measure of what you need is to realize how well of you really already are. Item's you just think of as everyday now would have been highly valued just a few hundred years ago. 200 years ago to have indoor plumbing you would have had to have been once of the richest people around. Hot running water. This has only been popular in most households in the last century. Your computer that you are reading this on right now. Just a few decades ago would have been one of the most valuable items on earth. This show's you how being insufficient in some way is just an idea you have, and not referring to reality at-all. In countries like the Britain and the US people don't even need to word at-all to get there basic need's met. Compare this with an average slave in history. they would need to work hard labour all day just to earn enough to barely survive. And after a whole lifetime they could save about an ounce of silver. Now no matter what work you are doing you could easily get enough money for an ounce of silver in just a few hours.

So why do you really feel it necessary to get all these additional luxuries? You are in denial of the real problems you have. It's hard for people now to get a good set of ethics and values of life. Our religions are more about controlling people than helping people face themselves nowadays. People are becoming more and more isolated from society, and don't have as much spirituality and sense of purpose than we used too. So the best way to overcome this and find more to life than buying things that just distract you from more meaningful things is to pursue personal development. You don't need to join a religion or cult. You just need to have a deep look into yourself and decide what you really want. Face yourself. figure out what you really want out of life rather than being told what you should want. Then you life becomes a beautiful adventure.

Buying experiences not things

The last section of this I would like to talk about probably the most important thing when it comes to spending money and what you get from it. Our modern way of thinking is in defining things rather than consciousness and experiencing them witch is the basis of our old way of thinking. A good way of changing your thinking is to realize that names our a human invention. When really everything is unstable and is a verb. This world is a verb. We like to be able to define things like "This is a book" because it is the best way we have at dealing with what something is. But really that is just one stage of its energy. A book can be many things depending on what we are using it for. It could be defined as paper, knowledge, or a personal achievement. But it's also the same thing. Another example a cow might be defined as Meat, an animal, a cow, a source of milk etc etc. But its really none of those. Its every changing depending on time and what it is relevant too. Are you who you were 10 year's ago? Really is that you? no, your thoughts have changed since then. your beliefs have changed since then and how you look and feel have too. Were you created in the womb? Or when your fathers sperm cell was created? Or when the food that he ate to get energy to produce it was created? No. Its all just one thing happening. And you can't define it by space or time.

They are just idea's. This is what the hippies meant when they had the mantra "Were all one man... Peace" Experimenting with different states of awareness using drugs they realized this. There is only one thing happening. And this is it. Most original religions focused on this too. A good example of one that has survived is Buddhism. They use the meditation technique to break down there sense of duality of themselves and everything else. they try to re attach themselves to oneness.

Once you start to change your thinking and really understand how there are only experiences never things you will realize the true value in a thing. It's only value comes from the experience it gives you witch is fleeting, so we must not become attached to it. Or we will be overcome by fear and greed.

I hope this article has offered you some new perspectives on how you perceive value so you will seek things that are of a true value to you rather than just a distracting nature. I think this is a very important topic at this time as we are becoming overrun by capitalism and society losing its way and becoming cold. If you help implement changes in your life and share this with others we will create a world based on love rather than fear.

Thank you.

If you would like to talk or read more tips on personal development, spirituality, Diet and art follow me on twitter.

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