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How to save your job: Tips to avoid getting Laid Off.

BY: Swati | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-07-01

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In these tough economic times, every one is concerned about their job security. The mood in your company has suddenly dampened since the news about "Some employees will be laid off" has come. The thought that other people might be bickering about you (back biting) never seems to go away. Rumors have been flying like fire and no one knows whats right or wrong. You do not know if your boss will continue to keep you on the job.

Although it's hard to keep your ears off from these sneaky conversations. But frankly, there is no point in paying attention to these things anyway. You will be much better off by trying to prepare yourself to save your job, because if you are laid off in these tough times, the next job may not come quickly or easily.

Practical tips to save your job.

1. Obvious one "Work Hard":
There is no substitute to hard work. This is undoubtedly the biggest factor if you want to save your job. Work with accuracy, efficiently and prove yourself as a good team player. Go above and beyond when it comes to the duties that the position that you hold entails. Caution and play safe and low - Do not extremely over do things continuously in the eyes of your co-workers, as they may gang up on you to try and take you down to protect themself (this is an unpleasant truth).

There is no point in further elaborating on this subject as we all know the importance of hard work.

2. Keep your boss happy:
If you have to go out of the way to make your boss happy, then so be it. Your direct boss is likely the one who will prepare your performance report based on which HR may decide who will be laid off. If you can do something that will make him look good in the eyes of his own boss, then help him out with it. Come to office on time, work late if needed and if that means you have to suppress your personal ego a bit, then just do it.

3. Get the support of your family:
It is extremely important that you should get a very relaxing ambience once you come home. Tell your family/wife calmly that you are going through rough times in your company so you may have longer working hours and if they can help to make things more soothing for you. (For Ex: if you have kids, then your wife may be able to help them in kids homework instead of you.)

4. Take proper sleep:
A refreshed brain works much better. If possible, take adequate 7-8 hours of sleep. Your performance and productivity will increase if you are relaxed.

5. Avoid hallway gossips and take shorter coffee breaks:
It's simple, if you want to save your job, appear busy or atleast not the one who has free time to gossip. Chances that you can be laid off get higher if you appear to be less serious. Take shorter breaks and avoid errands.

6. Enter the brain of your boss:
Try to think what your boss wants from you. There may be a work for which he might want you to come in on a Saturday but is hesitant to tell you. Offer your help if it fits you.

7. Never criticize anyone:
During tough times, the back-biting increases drastically and information is often leaked for personal advantages. Never trust anyone, even your closest friends. When such a discussion happens, then either walk away by giving a work related excuse or just don't speak back (neither agree nor disagree). Staying away from the office politics is another great way to save your job .

8. Appear happy and not depressed:
It's the basic human nature, if there are two people with exactly same ability and one remains happier than the other, we will always select the happier one. This does not mean you start cracking jokes, but just don't appear depressed all the time. A slight smile on your face will certainly help. Be happy and save your job. A company is more likely to let the person with the negative attitude go before the happier or the nicer person.

9. Avoid surfing the Internet at workplace:
There is a pretty good chance that your office phone line and internet usage is monitored. Use it appropriately.

10. Accept change:
During layoffs, people who survive the initial rounds are often assigned additional tasks or totally different tasks than what they are use to of doing. Be open minded, and accept whatever management throws your way. Resisting to change will probably drag you closer to being laid off. Therefore, show enthusiasm and creativity in the new task that has been assigned to u.

11. Get ready to work for a lower salary:
It is fairly common for companies to cut a small percentage of salary across the board, just keep yourself ready for that situation. Take a salary cut gracefully when offered, once times are better again you will get your deserved raise anyway. Boosting your savings for hard times can be a great support.

12. Be responsive:
Some people take forever to respond to emails or phone calls. Be vigilant, your boss may be watching more than you think. Don't complain, management doesn't want to hear problems right now. In the back of your mind, keep the mantra "I'm just happy to have a job".

13. Dress up:
Does not mean you dress overly formal than your peers, but lean towards the more formal attire that does not make you an odd ball.

14. Try to enter a key project:
People on some key projects survive layoffs even if they are not the best and brightest, it's because the project itself is important for the company.

15. Ramp up your skill set:
Person who brings new ideas or creative solutions avoids being laid off. Concentrate on technology and skills that company might use in future and it should help you to save the job.

16. Look around:
Keep your backup plans, look around for more jobs in case you do get laid off. Go online to job search sites. Check out an online service like LinkedIn where you can search, find, and network with friends, co-workers, and other industry players from the comfort of your home.

17 Be healthy:
Be healthy, join a gym or just do some light fitness exorcize. Fit people have a higher energy level.

18: Got Sick?
Act tough, show up to work unless you are too sick or if you have flu and it may be contagious to others. In case of flu, call you boss, tell him you would like to come for work but will stay home only if he (the boss) advises to do so. Employers respect people who are tough.

19. Let your boss know what you're doing:
It is very common for boss to overlook and forget the work you did just yesterday. Solution, just shoot a quick email updating your supervisor about the completion of an assignment. The more visible you've been to your superiors, the more likely the perceived value in keeping you on the job.

20. Time management helps to free up your mind:
Organize yourself, a lot of times we spend a lot of time on works that should ideally take less time to do. This is not about you doing the work slowly, but more about being systematic. For example, if you have to take 2 different trips in a day to the same place, then see if it's possible to do both of them together in one trip.

21. Avoid putting additional expense on the company:
Some company offer perks like education fee reimbursement, travel perks etc .. Avoid applying additional expences unless such expenses are already signed off in past.

In case you do get laid off try not to panic, live within your means, be open to new kinds of work and enhance your skillset. If you are running low on cash, then prioritize your expenses. Get ready to cut the standard of life if needed.

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