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How to reduce crime against women in India

BY: Rakesh and Amit | Category: Women | Post Date: 2010-01-05

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   Rakesh and Amit
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India has seen a rise in crime against women drastically in the last decade. Not only the incidents such as eve-teasing have increased, serious crimes like rape and kidnapping have also gone up significantly. I agree that situation varies significantly from city to city but overall the crime rate has practically increased everywhere.

According to several research reports, crime against women in India will certainly rise significantly because of the ever-increasing gender gap (Percentage of girls In India is falling down, mostly because most parents prefer a baby boy and baby girls are killed in mother's womb via abortion). As this generation grows up, there will be a greater competition among these men for a female partner and frustrated men will likely push the crime rate against women even higher.

The situation is not dire yet, but significant steps need to be taken immediately to control this situation before the it worsens further. In most parts of India, women do not feel safe traveling alone especially after evening.

Things to do to reduce crime in India, especially against women.

1. Indian Cinema Censor board- ARE THEY BLIND:
The censor board of India seems to be totally blind. Although they must be cutting a few exceptionally hot and violent scenes, still what comes out is still mind blowing. Today most movies come with extreme skin exposure by both men and women. Kissing and smooches have become quite common and violence seems to have no end. All this leaves a really bad impact on the society, especially among the kids who see this as the new normal as they grow up. Censor board just needs to give an "Adult" rating to all these movies without a question.

2. Drastic Changes in Legal System - MAKE IT STRICT AND FAST:
Most atrocities committed against women go unreported because not only most women are ashamed to report it with the fear of social insult, but many of these criminals are powerful and violent. Even if someone reports an incident to the police, there is no guarantee that the justice will be served. Almost all judicial cases in India drag for years, unlike western countries where most cases are solved in weeks or months. People who are rich or have a political background are almost never brought to justice.

3. Need for a Strict Punishment to Law Breakers in Public
It is extremely important to prosecute law breakers in public, so that it gives enough shock and fear to these to-be criminals. Hang a few of these violent criminals in public.

4. Girls need to dress up appropriately:
We are all humans and weekness is a part of our system. When men see women/girls dressed in short or exposing clothes, their beastly instincts often take over. I am not suggesting that women should be dressed like the Taliban's would like them to be, but just dress appropriately. I have no idea if this can ever be enforced or how, but today some girls dress so inappropriately that they virtually present themself as 'objects of sex' and nothing more. Today some girls in India wear far more exposing clothes than an average westerner girl would.

5. Free education for girls:
Girls need to be more independent that what they are. Girls need not be just housewives, in fact most girls in middle class families complete Bachelors or Masters (like BSC, MSC, MBA, etc..), but after marriage they just sit at home.

6. Filter the Internet:
The infamous Chinese policy of filtering the internet content has been a blessing for the society in many cases, especially in terms of not having access to the X-rated stuff. Websites which show inappropriate information are either banned or closed. If someone is caught accessing an X-rated website regularly, they are punished too. I understand that there will always be access to X-rated stuff, but lets make it harder to access.

We welcome your comments and suggestions to elaborate this article. Participate in reducing crime against women. God bless India.

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