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How to quit addiction. Quit Smoking habit or Alcohol addiction.

BY: Swati | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-07-29

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What is addiction?
Addiction is a term that refers to a repetitive activity of a person which is usually not good for him. Even though the person who is suffering from an addiction knows that the substance or activity to which he is addicted to is not good and may genuinely want to quit using it (or consuming it), he is not able to do so because physically or mentally he gets too much hooked to it. He gradually starts to feel it like a necessity.

Some popular addictions are:
* Smoking addiction.
* Alcohol addiction.
* Food addiction.
* Chocolate addiction.
* Drug addiction.
* TV Addiction.
* Video game Addiction.
* Computer addiction.
* Using gadgets too much: Like iPhone Addiction.

People who are addicted to one activity or another often try to quit it, but soon enough their will power dies out and they start the addiction activity all over again. This article will NOT specifically talk about Smoking, Food or Alcohol addiction in particular, but general ways to quit any addiction.

How to quit addiction

1. Thumb Rule - Switch over to a non-addicted circle of friends:
People who are addicted to one habit or another, usually start because they saw others doing it. Sometimes it may be because of peer pressure and even in the name of Style. Number one thumb rule of quitting an addiction is to switch your friend circle into one which does not have that addiction. Select into a group of people who do not have any bad addictions.

2. Reduce Stress:
Lot of people who drink Alcohol, eat too much or are addicted to Smoking, do it because thay have too much stress in their life. They start to rely on these temporary pleasure they get from an addiction. Overall it is hard to quit any addiction if you continue to have lot of stress in life. Take it easy, most of the time we are stressed out over things that are too tiny to even worry about. Take control of your life and learn to move on. If your stress is too much then do speak to your doctor.

3. Start a different activity or hobby:
Starting a different activity, like playing sports gives you a lot of energy in return. You feel fit and less stressed. Use this energy to fight your addiction. This will also help you to take your mind off from an activity or addiction you are trying to quit.

4. Make a written list of pros and cons of your addiction:
Relax and take a paper, start writing the good points and bad points of your addiction. Think hard and even count indirect points (besides health). Like you may have lost your last girlfriend because of Smoking addiction. Or you had a big fight with your close friend because of your Alcohol addiction. Your food addiction may not only be causing you to become obese, but also creating obstruction in your career. NOW stick that list in a place where it will be on your face every single day. Add more points to that list as you realize later.

5. Learn to say NO:
The main reason behind re-starting the addiction is that you are not able to say NO when another person offers you the same very object which you recently quit. It can be a glass of alcohol, a cigarette, drug or something else. It is very important not to let your softer side fall for it again. Say NO (Like a BIG NO) in a manner that this person does not ask you for it next time.

6. Quit your bad behaviour GRADUALLY:
Give your mind and body enough time to get rid of the bad habit. One fine day, if you decide to quit your addiction suddenly then you will most likely start it back again in the next few days.

7. Avoid certain places:
Avoid places where there is chance that you can get addicted again. For example, avoid going to pub or discotheques if you are addicted to Smoking or Alcohol. Setup a meeting in a different place. Watch TV, Read magazine, Go and play out and do any other thing that will keep you away from bad places.

8. Seek professional help:
If nothing works, do not feel shy, do take professional help. See a doctor, therapist, psychiatrist or any other person who knows how to deal with it in a much better manner than you or I.

9. Take the help of Yoga:
Doing yoga helps you to get better control of your mind and body. Yoga can do much more for you than you think.

10. Volunteer for social service:
It may sound very stupid, but trust me, doing social service and helping others gives our mind a very high level of satisfaction. May be a similar satisfaction you search in your addiction. It helps our mind to cool off and think very positively. This hidden force compels us to become a better person and also provides energy to quit addiction. Try it our a few times, trust me, it really helps.

There are many ways to quit addiction and none of them is easy. If it was easy it would not be called addiction. Quitting addiction is 90% brain work and self restraint.

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