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How to produce and market handlooms silk cloth and sarees

BY: Krishna | Category: Women | Post Date: 2008-09-18

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Handloom silk cloth weavers appear to be doing better these days. Their clothes are not only of good quality but also nice in durability. These clothes are available in different colours and latest fashion designs. Silk clothes material is widely used by men in outfits like lalchi dress, by women in Punjabi dress and in silk sarees. The dress is always considered in the best of its class.

Bangalore silk yarn is famous for its fine weaving, even though there are more looms in Andhra Pradesh so a lot of people purchase from there. Silk clothes have seen a rise in demand because they are not only beautiful but also a sign of prosperity. Attractive dress are used in parties, marriages, public events and other important family functions. Sarees are a fast moveable goods, ladies are ready to pay lakhs of rupees for very high quality sarees that are woven with pure silk, infact without "Pattu Chira" no marriage in these days is complete.

Manufactures and weavers of handloom Pattu and cotton saris manufacture a variety of silk garments, the popular varieties of silk sarees include Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Manglagiri, Benaras, Kanchi, Narayanpet, Mysore Silks, and Plain Silks. Besides sarees other famous garments made out of silk are Pattu Langa for Girls, Pattu Saris for Ladies and Pattu Dhotis for men .

Production easy work but sales important, unfortunately there is no good sale point in Andhra Pradesh. In Andhra Pradesh, our production is finished it holds good in Bangalore and Chennai markets in South India. Benaras silk famous in North India, Kanchi pattu in Chennai state (south India). Gadwal Dharmavaram Pochampally target production centers in Andhra Pradesh. Khadi board and khadi commissions are alsi located there. Dhabi jacquard butta sari is generally in average demand but experiences a heavy sales in the marriage seasons.

Production and sale from the two lines through the cooperative society and master weavers more facing difficulties from the mill made cloth.

From Gadwal whole sale dealers come directly to the loom places and give the best value for the work.

Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Chennai Mumbai, Benaras and Calcutta are the main marketing places. Mumbai is biggest silk market in India. Silk cloth is being exported to other countries from Bombay and Chennai. Hand loom house co-opted and apco societies are famous in selling our hand woven clothes.

Government helps workers by the granting loans and allotting permanent shelters. Cottage industries are developed by the buying the silk handloom cloth.
Handloom Silk is smooth and light cloth. More demand for good cloth is increasing and there is an increasing opportunity for more sales.

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