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How to make up with your husband?

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-12-29

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   David Prakash Kumar
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It is actually easier to make up with your husband that it is for a man to make up with his wife. There are various reasons for this, though many people think that it is easier for a man to make up with his wife than it is for a wife to make up with her husband. There are actually various reasons for which a man might quarrel or fight with the wife. There are also various factors that determine if the guy will make up with his wife. These factors include the extent of the quarrel and also the various things that were said during the quarrel. There are some people who are very deeply hurt by the words spoken by the spouse and this can make them never forgive the person who spoke those words. These factors play a major role in whether the couple make up or not.

Many times, after the quarrel or the fight, the person realizes that the fault is not with the other person and then tries to make up for all the things that were spoken during the fight. Making up is never easy, especially after a major fight. This article gives a few tips for the women to make up with their husbands or at least try to make up with them after a quarrel. Each husband may react differently, but it is a general view on how you can benefit by following these tips to make up with your husband.

1. Accept your mistake:

Acceptance that the mistake was not your husbands, but your own will be the firs step to take in making up with him. This is because most of the men are very egoistic and they never like to be told that they are wrong. In fact if they are told that they are right and the other person wrong, then they will like to hear it again and again. This is the simplest method of making up with your husband.

2. Take time:

Give your husband time to brood over things. There are many men who like to have time on their own especially after a fight. This depends on what kind of husband you have. There are also certain men who think that the delay in the wife making up with them means that she is not really bothered that you have had a quarrel. This can be decided by the wife, depending on the nature of the husband.

3. Buy him a gift:

Many men would have had something that they had wished that they had. If you have had a really big fight and you are ready to spend some money, then you should take this chance to buy your husband what he has always wanted. This is sure to make him happy and at least talk to you.

The first step is the most difficult after a fight. If the wife takes the first step in making up, almost all fights will end in no time. This is because usually women are not as egoistic as their husbands, except for a few exceptions.

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