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How to make a first girlfriend. Dating advice for beginners.

BY: Jessica | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2008-11-06

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Welcome to the world of dating, so now you have started thinking about how make your first girlfriend. You are not alone, almost everyone goes through this stage at some point in their life (me too, many times :D ). The best dating advice that a guy can get for making his first girlfriend is from a girl, just like boys know exactly what a girl should do if she wanted a boyfriend. Boys and girls are two different genders with different thoughts, priorities, emotional level and expectations, therefore the rules which hold good for making a boyfriend do not hold good for making a girlfriend.

STEP 1: Groom yourself first:
Lets explain this with an example - When boys want to buy a wallet, they tend to make selections based on logical things like how many pockets does the wallet have have, if its size is good enough to fit in the back pocket, price, it is tough and durable etc .. But when girls want to pick a purse for themself, the first thing they see is its "LOOK" , everything else comes later.

Therefore in order to prepare yourself for that first date, get a clean look. You do not have to be the best looking guy in the locality, just one who is very presentable. This means get a good haircut done, cut your nails, get a good manly perfume or cologne, clean/new shoes, shave, tie a watch etc.. If you are well groomed you will likely leave many other desirable guys behind you. Most girls are turned off by guys who are not that clean or not presentable. Be careful about accessories like sunglasses - a cheap one can give you a rowdy look while others can actually make you look smart. If you are not sure of any accessory, they do not use it. Girls are usually more emotionally driven than boys.

STEP 2: Ramp up your self confidence.
Do not let your first girlfriend feel that you are a "Girly Boy". Not many girls are turned on by shy guys, if you are shy while talking to girls then it gives then a clear indication that you are blushing because of her presence. This in turn may make the girl even more shy and uncomfortable. Girls like guys who are confident and easy to talk to. If you are not comfortable making eye contact with girls, then see their eyebrows or forehead when you are not standing very close to them. From a distance it is impossible to tell if you are looking in one's eyes or their eyebrows or forehead. You do not even have to look at them constantly, just make it casual like you are with boys. Self confidence + some style works well. Let you first girlfriend feel that "you-are-the-man"

STEP 3: Prepare some topics on what to talk
Once either of you stops talking for 10 seconds, it results in a "bye-bye" or "see you later". It may be a good idea to prepare yourself about a few topics in advance, so that you are not left blank what to talk about. If you are not sure what to talk .. talk about a common friend, a teacher, but do not run out of ideas. Don't talk about weather or politics in the first few meetings - it sounds you have run out of personal topics.

STEP 4: Use body language
Using your hands and eyes along with your speaking is the best way of communication. Don't over do it buy just use it mildly. This does not imply towards your first girlfriend or first date, body language is a great conversational skill regardless you meet anyone, anytime.

STEP 5: Listen to her
Often boys are under some stress themself when talking to a girl, especially when the girl is speaking to you tend to think about other things like "hope I am looking fine", "wow .. what nice lips she has", "what a figure" etc .. Don't think about all this, just concentrate on what she is saying. After she finishes speaking and you reply her in a context that communicates that you were not listening her properly, you are basically a history.

STEP 6: Girls crave for compliments:
Small complements like "nice purse", or "nice watch" or "this hairstyle suits you" are a few things that girls are really hungry for. Can you imagine how much time we girls spent to pick our items, in make-up or to grooming ourself.

STEP 7: Laugh and be funny
Girls simply adore guys who can make them laugh. If you are good in describing situations in a funny manner, this is your time to perform. If you are good in telling jokes, and if you remember a joke in the reference you were haveing a conversation about, take a chance to show your funny side. Avoid telling adult jokes or those which may make you look stupid. You should laugh as well.

STEP 8: Take a gift
If you are meeting a girl its s good idea to take a gift like a box of candies or chocolates. Even if she is with friends a gift like candies will work like "I like these candies, so I just thought I will take them for you girls too". Ideas like flowers or other personal gifts should be avoided in first few meetings.

STEP 9: Give importance to friends:
If she is with her other friends when you met, talk to all of them (or most). This will help her friends to get a good opinion about you. Eventually they may even pump up your girlfriend that how nice you are.

STEP 10: Ask for a favor:
If you know that the girl likes to read novel or likes a movie and has a DVD, then ask if it's ok if you borrow it for a few days. This will also automatically fix your next meeting because you will now have to return the borrowed item.

Before you go out and start looking for your first girlfriend, make sure that you select someone who you think is compatible with you. For many individuals it is not hard to face rejection in a relationship. Now as a girl myself, I do suggest you not to play unwanted tricks or deceptions. Girls are more emotional and you should deal with them nicely, they are not the objects of sex. Good luck with my dating advice for beginners, hope you do well in making your first girlfriend.

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