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How to live long - Checklist for a healthy long life

BY: Swati | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2008-10-16

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It's a common saying "Life is short ... Enjoy as much as you can !!", Well, life does not have to be short, it is not uncommon these days to leave a healthy life until 90's and still enjoy your life. There are some unexpected events, hereditary problems and diseases which may shorten our lifespan, but I am not talking about these special cases. If you want to live long just live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Be Happy and live long:
As far as possible avoid getting into arguments and unnecessary complications in life. Try not to over react and learn to forgive others. By living a happy and stress free life one can easily add number of years to their life and avoid many illnesses as well.

2. Be Active and live long:
Our body needs exercise to remain fit. You do not have to lift heavy weights and have huge muscles to be fit, just do a few hours of exercise every week like run, brisk walking and mild weight lifting.

3. Eat well and slowly
Eat whole grain foods, green vegetables, berries and fruits. Eat a balanced diet and keep the consumption of red meat at a minimum.

4. Be social and live long
Humans by nature are social beings, let our natural instinct do it's thing by having a lot of friends and maintaining good relationship with relatives.

5. Have a purpose in life and live long
Some things go beyond happiness, they provide an inner satisfaction. This may include helping poor, doing social work in free time or donation to charities.

6. Maintain a healthy weight
Obesity gradually rising to be the number one killer in many countries, therefore watch your diet and always try be have a good BMI ratio. At the same time eat well and do not try to be over slim.

Additional things that help to live a healthy long life

1. Avoid unhealthy habits
Don't smoke, don't over drink and no drugs.

2. Sleep well
Sleeping too little or too much are both not good for the body, On a an average having a good sleep of around 7 hours every day is usually considered the best.

3. Be an optimistic
Be a positive thinker, this will help to lower your blood pressure and other stressful conditions.

4. Get a pet
Dog's are men's best friend, but many people prefer cats, parrots and rabbits. Which ever you like and will be able to take care of nicely and responsibly, go for that. Pet's are ultimate stress busters.

5. Avoid anger.

6. Have a good married and s*x life.

7. Get an annual health checkup.
This will help you detect most conditions before they become any major issue.

8. Get rich :)
Well being rich does take away lot of tensions and allows you to entertain yourself like travel around and enjoy life.

9. Eating a bit less can also increase your life.
Some studies indicate that cutting 200-500 calories after the age of 25 years can help you live longer.

10. Avoid pollution.

11. Avoid foods that can have a lot of pesticides / herbicides.

12. Drink enough and clean water.

13. Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, proteins, minerals and fiber.

14. Keep life simple.

15. Take additional suppliments (like calcium and multivitamin) as suggested by your doctor.

16. Believe in God.
Faith is a huge moral booster and God is the best super-being to share feelings.

17. Sanitation.
Washing hands regularly, keep yourself clean and other sanitary habits.

Aging is an unavoidable phenomena but is is all about how to delay it. Everyone eventually faces problems like memory loss, hearing problems, poor eyesight, wrinkled skin and weak bones. No one can live forever.

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