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How to keep a wife happy - Living a happy married life

BY: Bharat | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2008-06-27

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Don't all we men wish that our wives would do just what we want them to do? But gone are the days of Ramayana and Mahabharat where women went sati for there men. Todays women demand respect and have the ability to walk shoulder to shoulder with men. If we try to suppress them then they will retaliate but if you treat them with dignity and think them to be a important part of your life, they can really make your life beautiful and will support you no matter what. Here are some of the tips that i followed to keep my wife happy and they did wonders for me.

Do Not Undermine their work:
Most of us men think that since we are the bread earners of the family, the family is indebted to us. If we change our attitude and give credit to our wives for running the house as well and not overlook all the household work they do, they will feel nice about themselves and as a result will be more happy and in turn will keep you happy. If your wife goes out to work, in that case you must understand the work pressure she goes through and try to help her with the household work if needed. This tip to keep your Wife happy will definitely work for you.

Be Vocal About your Love:
I believe that love conquers all. Sometimes we take love for granted, we think that it comes by default with the tag of marriage. I believe that the best way to handle a wife is to be vocal about your love. Tell your wife that you care and love her as often as possible. Women can easily be melted, show them that you care and they will do anything for you. Love and importance is what most women want.

Keep your wife happy through Romance:
I believe that romance to an extent can be responsible for the success or failure of a marriage. Handling a wife can be easy through romance, try to make her feel special, surprise her with a candle light dinner once in a while to spice up your married life. One can never get too old for romance, no matter what age, romance must not die out.

Manage your Finance:
One of the important tips of How to Handle a Wife is to never blame your wife for less savings or over expenditure. The best way to go about it is to talk it out without blaming one another. Make your wife feel that your are talking about the finance of the family rather than just your money. A good thing to do is to give your wife a monthly budget instead of her asking you for money each an every time she needs something for herself or for running the house. This will make her more responsible and will try to keep within that budget. It is very important to make your wife feel that its both of yours money instead of making her feel that she is dependent on you for every little thing. If your wife is able to keep within the Budget for the month, then it is very important to give her credit for it and not make her feel that its her job to do so.

Avoid the inference of Relatives:
Do not get influenced by friends or relatives especially by your mother. Some of the mothers are just willing to accept that there son is now married and has another women in his life that he must take care of. Never compare your wife with your mother or sister and give due respect to her in front of them. If you yourself will disrespect your wife in front of them then they will be the first ones to humiliate your wife, in turn the peace and harmony of the home will be ruined. Therefore, her humiliation should be yours and then both of you will be happy.

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Thanks Bharat
I realise today that, this is what my wife wanted from me and i never gave it to her, even though ours is a love marriage, i never bothered to look into these minute details. I guess moving forward our will be ideal husband and wife relationship.
Siddarth 2009-12-18
good one
A very good article about "a supposed to be marriage life" I noticed the mistakes I made and started working towards correction.
venky 2009-12-11
handling wife
Though I like the article, but I didnt like the use of words -handling a wife. Sounds very insulting to me. You are just pretending to love and respect if your main reason is to -handle her. Also did you mean some of the mother in laws dont accept that their son are married?
sapient 2009-08-07

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