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How to increase web traffic?

BY: chitracs | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2008-09-16

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What is meant by web traffic? Nowadays, everybody finds internet as a good source of information of any kind. Well, having a website, it is our duty to attract more persons to visit our website and make the information available to them. The web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. The flow of traffic is called web traffic. The viral marketing uses many mediums such as a flash game, an eye catching story or an amusing video and the tendency of the people to share something informative, entertaining or amazing. The cost for these is very low but it attracts many customers, towards the website, thereby increasing web traffic.

Increasing website traffic is the dream of many people. Some people appoint experts to increase web traffic. We can say that the number of hits the site has, can be called as web traffic. Also, the domain classes, busy times, number of sessions, most requested pages and number of visitors form part of web traffic. Normally, people use search engines to find the name of web site. When the name of our website appears prominently on popular search engines like Google, yahoo and MSN, many people will visit our website. The services and products we provide should satisfy the customer and make them visit our website again and again. If the customers satisfy with our website, they will recommend it to their friends also.

The informational, operational, and marketing aspects of web media cannot be compared with anything. Some people follow search engine optimization techniques to increase web traffic. To make business growth and bring more clients and achieve the marketing goal, the concept of increasing traffic to our website is essential. The customers expect that the websites they visit should be responsive, easy to navigate and present what the users are interested in purchasing.

How to measure web traffic and how to know the web traffic has been increased to our website. There are methods for measuring web traffic such as HTTP server log analysis, single pixel solutions and network monitors. The targeted traffic is the single most determining factor for success in the internet commerce area. Some people may create ecommerce website and some may have a niche site. Sometimes when we discuss about some hot topics, the web traffic to our website may increase suddenly. The link given to our websites may also help to increase web traffic. The qualitative and quantitative information provided in the website may bring more visitors, thereby increasing web traffic. We can also increase the web traffic by introducing tell a friend concept so that a person can easily send the media to any of his friends or his family members. The blogs and forums also help a lot in increasing web traffic. The web traffic increases sales.

By using the paid advertising, banner advertising and pay per click, we can try to increase web traffic. The popular domain names help to bring more web traffic. The web traffic can be increased by unpaid listing at search engines or directories which is commonly known as organic traffic by including the web site in directories, search engines, guides and award sites. The offering of free e-books or articles and classified advertisements also increase web traffic. So, I hope you can increase the web traffic to your website by applying all or any of the above suggestions.

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