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How to impress your girl friend. What girls expect from a boyfriend

BY: Swati | Category: Women | Post Date: 2008-10-01

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Women are over all more emotional than most men are therefore, most girls prefer serious relationships over one time date or a one night stand. If you want to impress your girl friend than you have to make her feel that you are very fond of her and are looking for a long term relationships. Here are some of the things that you can do to impress your girl friend.

Be very well dressed each time you meet her, especially the shoes should be well polished or neatly tied up and don't forget to put on a nice manly perfume. Some of the things that you must not overlook while dressing up are your waist belt, wrist watch and of course your hair. If possible, carry a latest cell phone.

Always praise her and tell her how beautiful she is, she has nice hair or impressive eyes, a nice long neck. This tip is sure to work because girls like to hear good things about them all the time.

Don't hurry into getting physical with her, girls usually don't like men who try to get physical in the first few meetings itself. Give time to your relationship, make her feel that its her that you like and being physical is secondary.

Each time you meet her, take a gift for her, it could be flowers, a nice box of chocolates, a wrist watch or just anything that you think that she might like.

Girls love romantic movies, romantic books and a romantic Boy friend. Therefore try to show her that you are a romantic person, tell her that you like to go on long drives on a rainy day or love watching the sunset, candle light diners and stuff like that.

Always take your girl friend to a nice upscale restaurants and don't forget your table manners for example, pull the chair for the lady, call the waiter in style, leave a good tip after the meal. If you cannot effort to take her to an expensive place, take her to a locally owned restaurant because they tend to provide a more personal touch and a better customer service than most food chains.

Women get impressed by men who know how to cook. Show her your cooking talent by inviting her for lunch or dinner and cook a nice meal along with a very good presentation. You could put on some nice romantic music and start with a candle light dinner and then a soft dance.

Never disagree with her on any point and always say yes. Once a military lieutenant colonel was asked about the secret of his 35 years of happy married life, he said that he always said "yes mamm, you are absolutely right".

Call her once during the day to tell her that you are thinking of her. Appear genuine and confident in whatever you say. Pay attention when she is talking. Girls like surprises, although they love expensive gifts but smaller/cheaper gifts tend to do the magic too. Tell her how you love her smile or the way she laughs. Tell her that she is lucky for you. Take her out on a date at midnight on a full moon night to lay down and look at the stars.

Guys usually hate shopping, but girls love it, so hold your breath and take her for shopping.

If she happens to be a mom of a kid, remember it is more important to impress her kid even than the girl.

Impressing girls can be tough, but with a little preparation you can do a much better job. Good Luck.

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hi ma`am thank u mam , Ur idea is verry good mam........... i ill try it ............................plZZZ send ur e-mail Id to me mam Tanksss
santosh 2009-07-14
thank you... genious
your awesome, thank you sooo much .....helpfull
sammy 2009-05-17
a PROBLEM here!!!
I dont think it is a good idea to follow all that you hv written if AT ALL u r looking for a LONG TERM relation. Coz few years down the line there will be sure mishappenings of couples disagreement. The male partner will show the female partner that how many time HE has compromised on a certain issue n this would not b accpeted by the SHE-partner. Its better to be frank right from the beginning about what you like or dislike about the partner. Well, your article is PERFECT if you just want to IMPRESS a girl n not LIVE with her for the rest of your life.
ankit khandelwal 2009-04-24

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