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How to handle a Husband

BY: Swati | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-08-04

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In this male dominated society where men have always been considered to be more powerful both physically as well as monetarily, it is very important for a wife to know how to handle a husband in the right way. Today, women are no less than men in any field yet, when they come back home from all day of hard work, they have to put up with the moods and attitude of their husbands. If they choose to not do so then it leads to a unhappy married life. A wife should handle a husband in a balanced and a smart way that will keep her husband happy but at the same time will help to uphold her dignity as well.

Men do not like to be dominated or screamed and yelled at, therefore, whenever there is a problem sit down and talk rather than over reacting. It is easier to handle a husband with a cool head than a hot one. If your husband screams and yells at you, tell him that you don't like it and that if he continues to do so then you will leave him. You can even ask for help from family members or his close friends.

If he comes home late, welcome him with a smile first and not a frown and then ask about the reason for coming late. If your husband has been coming late due to work in the office, then cooperate with him and make him relax at home because nobody likes to work till late, so he is not doing it by choice. After a long day of hard work, one wants to relax at home in the evenings, therefore it is very important to keep a light and happy atmosphere at home.

Don't always say yes to whatever your husband says, use your own head and have your own say. If you don't agree with your husband on something then let him know. He may be reluctant at first but soon he will appreciate it. If your husband does not agree with you then tell him that this is what you think is right but it is up to him to do what he thinks is correct. Nobody likes a dumb wife who has no say in any matter. Make your own standing, learn to think high of yourself only then will others look high upon u.

If your husband has drinking problems then try to keep him busy, go out in the evenings, go on a vacation so that there is very little time to sit idle and drink. If nothing seems to working, see a therapist and ask for help. The worst thing that you can do is fight but sometimes you will have to put a firm foot down.

According to me, as far as possible a woman must be working and be a earning member of the family, this will not only make her husband respect her but will also bring self confidence in her. You will see several examples where the husbands of working women are much more cooperative than of a house wife. This is because the husbands of a house wife think that their wives know nothing about the world outside home, hence it becomes extremely difficult for house wives to handle their husbands.

Sometimes men can be like little kids who like to be pampered, it is very important to make each other special in a married life. No matter how long you've been married for, don't leave romance behind. Little surprises like a candle light dinner with champagne can do wonders to his mood. Try to cook his favorite dishes atleast on weekends or go for a romantic movie. It is easier to handle a husband in a romantic way. Spice up your life when ever you can. you will hardly find a husband who does not like a romantic wife. No matter how busy you may be in your lives but do not let love and romance die out in your relationship.

A wife has to be very smart in handling her husband, never try to hurt his ego but at the same time never give in for something that you think is not correct. Always follow a moderate path. Always maintain your individuality but at the same time give him full respect and then you will see that after all it is not so difficult to handle a husband.

However, these are my own views and you must judge your own situation before taking any step.

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