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How to earn money by writing articles online - Work from home job

BY: Swati | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2008-06-04

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Traditionally the idea of writing articles has been limited to the newspaper columnists, authors who wrote books/novels and people made money by writing for magazines. Well all this is has changed big time, say thanks to internet, these days there are thousands (probably millions) of people who earn more money by writing short articles and publishing these articles online. The money they earn is not upfront but it's made over time. Good written articles can actually earn better money than someone can ever pay you that tiny amount upfront for them.

This concept first started when in year 2003 internet search engine giant Google introduced the concept of Adsense. This program allows you to display relevant advertisements on your articles and when a web user is interested in those relevant advertisements, they click on those to visit the advertiser's website, you actually get paid for that click by Google. The process of displaying advertisements is very simple, completely automated and designed keeping in mind a common non-technical individual. You just need to open an account with Google's Adsense which will display advertisements and also pay you the money you earn from those clicks.

As far as submitting your articles, you can use free services like Saching.com which have also been designed for people who do not know how to create and maintain their own website. You can easily put advertisements by simply giving them your Google publisher ID and the whole service is totally free. This site offers you more than 50% advertisement time and authors have no overhead cost to run the website (no cost of domain name, hosting space, etc..). This is a win-win situation, neither you pay for opening an advertisement account (Google) and nor you pay for publishing your articles (Saching).

You can just do the best thing you like - writing articles. This work from home concept of writing articles is very good for anyone looking to make some extra money, particularly housewives and stay at home moms. For people living in developing countries (like India, Philippines) benefit even more as the same amount of money will have more purchasing power in their local currency. You can stay at home and write articles in you own free time. If you ever decide to quit this money earning scheme, its simple, just remove your Google Publisher ID from Saching.com and close your Google Adsense account (Sorry, Revenue sharing Discontinued since October 2008 on this site).

Best articles are written when you want to write and not necessarily force yourself into writing articles. Writing your first article (500 or more words) may take a while, say a few days, but over time your speed and momentum should improve and you will quite likely be able to submit an article a day. Your articles help you earn money over time and a well written article will actually pay you the advertisement money for months. It is important that you are consistent in submitting articles to see good results. You will normally start making money over time as suggested earlier.

It is important that you never click on advertisements of your own articles otherwise Google ( who actually pays you money) will suspend your account. Never try to copy content from elsewhere or never violate copyright of others while writing articles. Select a topic that you like example finance, tourism, cooking, lifestyle and many other topics. This whole program is much more simple than it may initially appear. Although there is no guarantee that how much money you can earn (if any) and requires patience, but there are several success stories on the internet to get the motivation. Good luck with your new stay at home author work.

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