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How to deal with Office Politics.

BY: Bharat | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2009-09-03

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Manipulation, backbiting, influencing boss and confrontations with co-workers is not unusual in office environments. Office politics can make your like really stressful if it is not dealt in a mature way. Handling office politics can be very difficult especially when the company if not performing too well or there are chances of layoff. Here are some ways to deal with office politics.

1. Keep a neutral attitude:
Although it's true that people form groups and you are expected to be a part of one group or another, but it is usually best to not be a part of any group. Even if you see office politics being played in front of you, simply ignore it. Always give your honest opinion and what is best for the company and your customers.

2. A lot depends on your boss:
If your boss is understanding and mature, he will also not be influenced by these office politics, but in real world everyone does get impacted and dragged into office politics. It's best to behave in a way that your boss wants because eventually he is the one who you are answerable to.

3. Walk off from hallway meetings:
Hallway and cubicle meetings are the favourite spots where people tend to group up and discuss about other co-workers, criticize and waste time. It is important to walk off by giving some excuse as soon as the environment starts to turn a bit political. Never participate in criticism of others, that's the number one rule of the game.

4. Never abuse your power:
Most people will hate you if you try to suppress them just because you have some power which they do not. Never favor one person over another just because of some non-work related issue.

5. Never discuss your personal life:
Personal life issues and achievements can never be of any help at workplace. Either people will feel jealous of you or they will laugh at you on your back. Learn not to bring your home/personal life at office.

6. Be a team player:
Even if a project went well mostly because of your efforts, credit the entire team for it. Let the team members in turn appreciate your personal contribution. Never says "I", "Me" at least in terms of achievements. Everyone in office wants a share of achievement and no one wants to be the part of blame.

7. Do not have romance at office:
We are humans, and it is possible to fall in love at workplace. If you want to avoid office politics, then never romance or flirt in office.

8. Maintain your professionalism and be available to others. When others ask for help, try your best.

9. Dress appropriately:
Dressing too casual or wearing revealing clothes is never good. Keep your image as a professional, even in looks.

10. Always Think Before You Act:
Do not make sporadic decisions which you may regret later. Don't be the first to speak, hold your tongue until atleast one or two people have spoken. Sometimes not speaking at all can help too. Your ability to handle office politics will practically make or break your career.

11. Never lose your patience or cool:
Always pretend that you have things under control. Peeping your patience and avoid shouting on others is a very important tool. Even if your co-worker loses control, he will be the one who would look like an idiot and not you.

Personal working environments may differ, so handle your office politics appropriately.

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