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How to deal with Low back pain during pregnancy

BY: Deena David | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-10-09

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   Deena David
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Low back pain is a very common problem during pregnancy. The reasons for this can vary from person to person. Whatever be the reason, the pain can be very severe at times. To complicate matters, the woman should not take regular pain killers as it may harm the baby in the fetus.
Various causes of Low back pain and their management

The most common causes of low back pain in a pregnant lady can be due to postural abnormality. When a woman becomes pregnant, the posture changes slowly to accommodate for the growing fetus inside the uterus. As the abdomen increases in size and weight, it starts pulling the spine forward. This leads to an increased stress on the spine and the muscles around the spine that are holding it. The stress on the muscles and the bones leads to pain.

There is little that can be done to the increase in the size of the abdomen, but women can make sure that they do not sit without back support as it can increase the pain. Pregnant women should also try to avoid standing for long periods of time. These are some of the methods of preventing an increase in pain due to postural changes.

Hormonal reasons: Another important reason for the pain in the back of pregnant women is the various changes that occur in the endocrine system of the pregnant woman. There are a lot of changes that includes the release of a hormone named relaxin that actually helps to relax the muscles and ligaments and will help to widen the pelvis to hold the baby, but as it does this function, all the other muscles and ligaments also relax leading to excess movements of muscles and ligaments in the back also leading to the pain in the back.

Nerve compression: There are some pregnant women who have nerve compression that can lead to back pain. This is another important cause of low back pain in pregnant women.

Treatment of low back pain in pregnant women

There may be many reasons for the back pain in women during the time of pregnancy.
Whatever the reason, there can be very little that can be done to reduce the pain with medications. Physical therapy plays a major role in reducing the pain in pregnant women.

Even with physical therapy, the conventional treatment methods cannot be used as they are all contra indicated as far as pregnancy is concerned. Short wave diathermy, therapeutic ultrasound, and Intermittent traction are all contra indicated. So the mainstay pf treatment of low backache in a pregnant woman is postural correction. The correct posture is taught to the woman. Along with the correct posture, the woman also should earn to be in a relaxed state most of the time. When a person is tensed, the muscles automatically go into a state of contraction and this can increase the pain in the muscles.

Hot water fomentation is usually a very safe method of treating the pain in the low back. External application of pain reducing ointments and sprays may also help to reduce the pain and can be used after consultation with the physician attending the woman.

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About Author / Additional Info: I have completed my Masters Degree in Paediatric Nursing. I am a writer with a passion for writing. I have been writing for some blogs and other sites. Comments are welcome at the following e mail address: deenaanddavid@gmail.com

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