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How to control joint pain? Reasons of pain and Natural ways to cure

BY: chitracs | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2008-09-24

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Following are some common reasons and natural ways to cure pain in joints. You should always consult a doctor before taking up any joint pain remedies mentioned here.

Joint pain due to hard work:
When we work hard, we get pain in joints. It is commonly seen among people who have crossed the age of 40. If we do manual work, due to stress there will be pain in leg, muscles, joints, hips, and foot. We should not work more. Taking rest in between hard work is necessary.

Joint and back pain due to inactivity:
Nowadays many young people also complain about pain in joints. The youngsters (like software engineers) sit before computer and work for hours together also get joint pain. They should get up from the seat once in an hour and walk a little. They can relax for 5 minutes and continue work.

Reasons we get pain in our joints and Natural prevention
Due to lack of blood circulation, sometimes we get joint pain. The balanced diet is compulsory. The lack of calcium, vitamins and minerals causes pain in joints. Following regular food habits will help us to overcome this problem. The energy is received from the food we take which helps for growth, development and proper functioning of bones. The cereals, fruits and vegetables should be added in our regular diet.

Taking milk, nuts and soya products is good for health. Taking methi in empty stomach in the morning, helps us to get relief from joint pain. Taking too much of soda, oil content foods, sugar, tobacco and alcohol should be avoided. For any person, sleep for 8 hours is required, to get complete rest. Weak bones and osteoporosis are also a common reason for joint pains.

Overdose of medicine having rich content of chemical is another reason for joint pain. So, taking too much of medicines should be avoided. The physical and mental balance is required , to keep up good health. If there is a chemical imbalance in our body, even then there can be pain in the joints.

If the (good) cholesterol level in our body becomes low, that will weaken all the parts of our body, causing pain throughout the body and severe pain in joints. Overeating which ends in obesity is another cause for pain in joints. The patients having arthritis will definitely get joint pain. Due to normal wear and tear, the joints loose their stiffness.

We should drink 8 cups of water daily to ensure proper functioning of all organs in the body. That will ease the nerves and muscles so that the pain in joints will also be reduced. Doing light physical exercise will also relieve us from joint pain. We can go to gym or do exercise at home. Even walking or jogging may help us to get relief from joint pain. Doing yoga and meditation will help a lot for quick recovery. To increase blood circulation and get relief from joint pain, we can do some stretching exercises. The breathing exercise will help to keep our organs fit for functioning.

The warm water bath of epsom salt will often serve as a pain reliever. When our joints ache much, we can dip a cotton cloth in vinegar solution and massage gently on the joints, to get good relief immediately. The massage can be done using mustard oil or coconut oil. We should wear comfortable shoes or slippers.

So, we need not fear when there is pain in joints. In the natural way we should try to solve this problem by taking balanced diet, doing regular exercise and massaging the joints. If the pain is unbearable, then definitely, we should go to a doctor. The pain in joints may be a symptom of some other disease. Only a doctor can diagnose properly. So, be happy and get relief from joint pain.

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